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1 January, 1997@12:00 am

Hip-Hop beat producer The Alchemist has found himself in yet another predicament of accidentally giving the same beat to two different artists. This time, Al has sold the same beat to two hip-hop acts – Snap and Chill Rob G. Both acts have recorded their vocals over the beat, somehow coming up with two very similar songs.

What is sure to be an international club hit, both songs are titled, “The Power”, and feature nearly identical vocals, with both featuring a woman singing, “I’ve got the power” as the hook. Chill Rob G’s version does feature the lines “It’s gettin’, it’s gettin’,  it’s gettin’ kinda hectic”, as well as the line, “Or I will attack, and you don’t want that!” Such catchy lines give Chill Rob G’s version the calculated advantage, but it remains to be seen which version of the song will see commercial success.

Alchemist claims that this mistake was a result of producing so many beats that he could not keep track of them all. “Man, all I do all day long is make beats, and sometimes I forget who wanted which track. You know how many people wanted that “Power” beat? Cuban Link was begging me for it! I almost gave it to Noreaga, and he was gonna do the song with Chad Hugo from The Neptunes singing ‘I’ve Got The Power’ on the hook,” said The Alchemist, “Aw, I should have just given the damn beat to Infamous Mobb, like P said. Oh well.”

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