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I’m not sure what I love about Thirstin Howl III so much, but he has a totally unique style, and outrageous rhymes that are mad funny. He almost sounds like he is trying to scare you when he rhymes, but you can tell by the context that he is just messing around. This full, three verse version of the Soundbombing 2 favorite, “Brooklyn Hard Rock”, is filled with quptables such as: “I’m stronger than those pictures in your muscle books, I got more manners than every single one of the Huxtables!!” or “I rock the house, the cradle, the boat, in the eight grade, coulda rocked the bells, but I was more comfortable in straight leg!” Combined with Unique London’s brit-meets-Hurricane G, back up vocals, and a track that matches Thirstin perfectly, this song is one of the best debuts of the year. The b-side, “Spit Boxers” is actually Thirstin’s pick, as he and fellow Spit Squod member Master Fuol trade punch rhymes over another ill track cooked up by Steve Boston. Another all around tight record from Rawkus.

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