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1 January, 1999@12:00 am

The Boot Camp Click (Black Moon, Heltah Skeltah, Cocoa Brovaz, O.G.C., etc) in their prime were a dynasty in the making, and consorted with the elite of NY s underground hip-hop scene. But since their auspicious arrival this talented core of emcees has been a shell of their former selves, suffering from a variety of growth-stunting ailments that has depleted their once ample arsenal (legal woes, label changes and dissension with in house production team the Beatminerz).

This family reunion surely rubbed open some old wounds for the Clik, as it was their first highly-anticipated caucus For The People that triggered there downward spiral, and eventual fall from grace. Much like that first gathering, this project suffers from many of the same deficiencies– lack of direction and unregimented Beatminerz less production.

Intermittently conceptualized, this assemblage is a continual contrast in agendas, as BCC’s ranking officers are calculated, clinging to their standard subterranean existence with mixed results. While the camps covert kinsmen (who previously offered very little hope for BCC s future) are more advantageous in utilizing a temperately revitalized sound. Exemplified by the B.T.J.’s “Playin’ For Keeps” & Illa Noyz’s “Sleepers”.

However, the camp has always been regulated by its more established heavyweights, and more specific it s Napoleonic general Buckshot. The only member of the Camp still loyal to the Beatminerz sound, Buckshot continues his offensive with them in tow, revitalizing his original crook style on the spunky “Jump Up”, while adding a few new verses to the barely tweaked “Worldwind” remix from Baby Paul. The BDI emcee also appears on the brutish mix-tape leaked “Eye Of The Scorpio” f/ Rock Of Heltah Skeltah, whose bone-jarring vocals steal the spotlight. Heltah Skeltah’s lone group effort, the multi-purpose “Ultimate Rush” which has appeared on numerous other projects makes the rounds yet again, and features Canada’s finest lyrical import Saukrates.

However, like most compilations, or soundtracks there is seemingly no way around the requisite amount of filler-material, or trivial collaborations, and this LP is by no means different. Bootcamp fans its time to sound the alarm, because this once fledgling dynasty is now officially in a state of emergency, but at least their is hope on the horizon in Buck’s solo debut.

  Mixtape D.L.
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