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Following in the footsteps of Defari and Dilated Peoples, ABB Records brings it’s next act, Foreign Legion. Upon a first listen, you may not be moved like you were when you first heard ABB’s other releases. Although, it’s abundantly clear that these mad rappers hearts are so in love with this thing called hip-hop as each of the songs have a message. “Overnight Success” attacks anyone who blew up and never paid dues, “Full-Time B-Boy” screams of dreams of living hip-hop, and “Underground” is a slap in the face to every independent artist that thinks they are comin’ widdit, just because they are unsigned and underpolished. While once again, these cats don’t exactly live up to the standard A-B-B quality, the beats are phat as hell, and they’ve got something to say worth listening to.

  Mixtape D.L.
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