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1 January, 1999@12:00 am

With the buzz of artists like Eminem, Cage, and even Insane Clown Posse, the ever-emerging scene of shock-emcees is on the rise, but don’t get it twisted, Necro’s been there and done that, dropping sick rhymes on the NYC freestyle circuit since the mid-nineties. He recently built his name up on the underground circuit, dropping a series of successful twelve-inch singles, plus three straight-to-video, low budget movies, each of which he has written, directed and produced. Meanwhile producing tracks for people like Cage, Missin’ Linx and Non-Phixion over the last three years, Necro’s latest move is the creation of his own label, Psycho-Logical Records, where he plans to release his own solo album, plus projects from Al’ Tariq and Ill Bill of Non-Phixion. With so much ambition, Necro’s quickly becoming the underground’s equivalent to Master P, and the fans are eating it up.

HHS: I wanted to ask you about what happened with you switching up distributors, and starting your own label. What’s up with that?

Necro: Fat Beats are dope, they did their thing, but I felt that they weren’t getting rid of enough copies. They claimed they were selling a certain amount, now I can’t say, but when you deal with someone how is doing P&D (pressing and distribution), you don’t really know how many copies they are really doing there. If I’m pressing it up, I give them as many copies as they ask me, then I know. Realistically, any company or distributor could press up an extra five thousand copies and sell it. I’m not saying that they are doing it or not, because I really don’t have proof, but you never really know. Somebody could say I sold this many copies, but I might feel that I sold more, because how would I have all of these fuckin’ fans? So that must mean those little five-thousand copies really spread fuckin’ far and made some real loyal motherfuckers out of them. See, if I had five thousand loyal motherfuckers who really loved the record, then how come they couldn’t sell another five to fifteen to twenty thousand copies? But like I said, you don’t really know, but with Landspeed Distribution, I have the freedom to do what I want. I have my own label, Psycho+Logical Records. It’s an independent label, like Cash Money or No Limit, I am just being distributed by Landspeed, and they don’t tell me what I can do. With Fat Beats, I had to get their approval, and here I don’t really need to do that, I pretty much can do what I want. I’m at this level right now, until I reach the level of a bigger distributor. Right now I am just building shit up, with a Necro CD and an Ill Bill solo album on CD coming out soon, and then I got an Al Tariq single, and another Necro single called “I Need Drugs”.

What is the main goal of Psycho+Logical Records?

We’re gonna blow the fuck up, independent. Necro is the main artist, at the moment. The reason I started my label because I could never get a record deal, because people wouldn’t let me do what the fuck I want, and it got to the point where I decided to do this myself. It turned out to be a blessing, because I control everything, I own everything, I get to make my own money. I always wanted to be involved with everything anyway. If I was on a label, I want to be involved in everything from the advertising to this to that… Because I’m one of those guys, the rapper, the director, the producer, I do the whole fuckin’ nine. This, I’m not going to get a piece of shit 10%, like I would on a label. Why the fuck would I want to do that? I might sell less copies, but I am going to make more money. Besides that, nobody would put Necro out anyway. I’m a white rapper, they’d try to make me commercial, compare me to other rappers. They’d never let me come out hard to the fucking core. They’d want me to be all soft, they want to talk shit. Independently, I can do it myself. You know? I already got haters. I haven’t even released an LP, I haven’t even blown up, and I got people that hate my guts.

What is the connection between you and Non-Phixion?

Ill Bill is my brother, and I produce a lot of their shit. And I guess since they are another white rap group, people don’t go out of their way to lace them with incredible beats. Their getting shit now, because they got their album, and they got budgets, but back then, who were they going to get beats from? So, I was coming with bangers, and the shit was just as good as any major producer, so they took my beats. It ain’t because Ill Bill’s my brother, because Bill’s a critical fuck. If my shit was weak, it wouldn’t happen.

Being that Ill Bill is your brother, what is the reason that you aren’t a part of Non-Phixion?

The funny thing is, I was kind of forced to by a solo artist. I was actually in Non-Phixion in the beginning, and then MC Serch came in to the picture, and kinda pushed me out of it. Cuz I was rappin’ more street thug shit (like) violence, porn, gore, crazy shit, and Serch was trying to get them to become the white Public Enemy. That’s why if you hear old Ill Bill and Gortex shit, they would rap more crazy shit, and Serch got them into rapping more hip-hop, political talk-about-society shit. I guess Serch didn’t feel like I fit into it, and kinda like, turned them against me, on some like, just do production shit. I was like “fuck it anyway” because I’m not going to rap on some political shit, I’m more on some rugged, brutal, “go-fuck-yourself” shit. Plus, I was more thuggish too. Serch didn’t like that element. My whole attitude was like, we’re going to come out in the game, and I know people are going to try to front on us, and my whole shit was that I wasn’t havin’ it. We’re going to fuck up whoever got beef, and Serch wasn’t really with that, he was on some peace shit. I was like, “fuck ‘em if they don’t like us”. It kind of worked out in the end, because now I get to do shit my way, and don’t have to answer to anybody.

As a producer, how do you balance the bridge between doing an “underground” beat, like Non-Phixion’s “Black Helicopters”, and a “commercial” beat, like “What It Is” for Missin’ Linx?

I’m a producer, I can make any beat, it really doesn’t matter. Anybody who knows how to make a beat knows that there are prerequisites to making a beat, and once you get past that, you can do wahtever the fuck you want. Switching from making an evil beat to a Missin’ Linx beat is not really a hard thing. But you have to understand, they (Missin’ Linx) pretty much made that a commercial track, by the way they rapped on it. If you put Necro on that track rappin’ straight brutal violence, or Nasty Nas or Kool G. Rap on some street shit, it would have been hard. It’s kind of what they did with it, and it fit. I thought the beat was hard regardless, but I did make it for Missin’ Linx, like “Okay, what am I going to come up with for these cats?” I knew what they wanted, and I did it. But that’s kind of cool in a way, because then I might not have made that beat if I was making beats for me, and it’s fat to making beats like that.

So, what if people started fiending for your beats, would you become a producer, making beats for like Nas or Mobb Deep or whoever?

Naw, I don’t produce nobody no more. I only produce shit on my label now. You’re gonna hear a lot of Necro produciton, but all of it will be on Psycho+Logical Records. The last shit you are going to hear, is the shit on Non-Phixion’s album. After that, Necro does not do beats for 3% anymore. People say they want beats all day, but what they really want is a tape of beats. You break your ass making those beats, but at the same time, they sit there asking ten other beatmakers for tapes. Then they sit around with their friends, and critique the fuckin’ beats, and at the end of the day, the chances of them using one of my beats is slim. Plus, I’ve noticed that a lot of motherfuckers will rap over my beats, and not kill it as well as I could kill it. Producing people is fucking wack. I came to the conclusion that it’s a waste of fucking time.

I remember you did beats with Cage, how did that happen?

That was me hearing the kid on the underground, nobody was doing nothing with the kid, the kid dealing with douche bags who weren’t doing shit for him. Me knowing the kid was ill, knowing I was ill “trying to connect“ one ill nigga to another. I called him up, he had nothing going on, so I called Bobbito, and he told me that he was kind of flaky, and it was hard to get him to do shit, but if I could make it happen, he would put it out. So, I had to coordinate it, get in touch with Cage, you know, work with him. And I did it, because I knew he was a dope rapper without anybody making beats for him. All three of us did our job, and it worked. But after that, Cage was called numerous times with beats, and not one beat was good enough for the kid. So, it didn’t make sense where I was like whatever, then he started doin’ shit with (Mighty) Milo, and that was it. Underground niggas should know, Cage had a chance to use beats with me mad times, he just didn’t fucking come.

That was another thing I wanted to ask you about, I remember hearing shit a few years ago about you and Mighty Mi. What was up with that?

Yo, the fuckin’ kid was dissin’ my shit on the underground. It was a rivalry thing. I was the one who brought Cage out. We did it, and it got mad play, and you’d think he’d want to continue working with me and shit, but then Milo comes along, offering him money and shit to do shit on his beats. I didn’t have a problem with that, but I was down with Cage, and this fool comes along on his dick so much that he’s trying to get Cage to do shit with him, by giving him weed or money. I didn’t have no money to give to him, like Milo had at the time. Plus, I ain’t a no faggot, I’m not trying to give this nigga money so he will do shit with me. He should have just been down because he knew. Four years later, kids are still talking is “how come you ain’t doing shit with Necro”. In my head, I was like whatever. He decided to go with Milo for whatever reason – and I’ll be honest, and I told Cage this before, but I think Cage just don’t want to fuck with someone who is as good as him. He probably didn’t want to have my name in every sentence his name is mentioned in.

How did you get into making movies, you did “The Devil Made Me Do It” and “187 Reasons Y”…?

Just wanted to do shit because it was ill to get props like a director. I want to do all that shit, rap, produce, direct. I did this shit before Master P, with “187″, not to take anything away from him, because he is one my biggest inspirations, but it shows you how the illest niggas want to do mad shit. It’s fat because with the movies, I was able to delve into shit that I could before. One thing I did, was I took old records that a lot cats use samples from, and used them as a score for the movies. I actually took it, and made a theme to it… I took hip-hop to a new level. I mean what is hip-hop? It’s expression based on samples from other shit, so I took you into a hip-hop world, and tried to wild out and make a real movie too. Making it in the 70′s made it even harder, I could have just did it in 1999, and not even worry about wardrobe, but I went and busted my ass to make it in the 70′s, just to show you I got skills. That movie could be a movie from the 70′s and you wouldn’t even know it.

Are you going to continue making movies?

Yeah, but I am not trying to do shit until I got dough. To make each of those movies, I spent a year of my time, which is kind of the reason why Necro isn’t blowing up right now. The reason why I didn’t have a fat record deal, or was in mad magazines, because I was putting everything into making those movies. I didn’t make money of those, but hopefully at the end of the day, I will get respect for making them. I think it all adds up. I made “187″ on a G. I made “Devil Made Me Do It” on three g’s. If they gave me a million bucks, I’d push that fuckin’ million to the limit of insanity, and make a banger.

You got rappers blowin’ up right now, and I’m not mad at them, because I’m going to have my time. But when I have my time, it’s going to be a different type of shit that everybody else is doing. It’s going to be my style, my crew and I’m going to blow it up fucking big. I’m going to be big like No Limit. But my shit is different, I don’t do what they do, or what Cash Money does, or what Rawkus does, I do my Necro style – it’s pretty much going to be my production, my shit and my label is going to blow up like all of them, but on my style. It’s pretty much going to be brutal, uncensored, a lot violence, a lot of street shit, a lot of porn. Don’t worry that Necro’s going to drift from the illness if you support me. The more money I get, the more I am going to blow up.

Tell me about “I Need Drugs”, making the video with those addicts and everything?

Basically, I was sitting in my house, and LL Cool J’s “I Need Love” popped in my head, and I thought, “wouldn’t it be sick if I flipped that into “I Need Drugs”? It sounded funny to me, and because I sold drugs before, so I was writing the song based on experience, (but I don’t do that anymore, I haven’t touched drugs in two years, so if the feds are reading this, you can blow my dick). Whatever the case is, I’ve been involved in it, and my Uncle is a fucking junkie himself. So basically, I wrote the song from the perspective of my Uncle Howie, who goes to his meetings saying he’s clean, when he just shot up an hour ago. I know all that. I’ve been robbed for my allowance by my Uncle, when I was a kid. I had to put a chain on the refrigerator so my Uncle wouldn’t eat my cereal in the morning. It’s not about Necro saying “I Need Drugs”, but it’s more from the perspective of my Uncle. So, I made a joke about it in the song, but it really reflects reality. So then, my Uncle Howie calls me up and he’s like “Hey, that song is about me, you want to see some real shit? Come film me”. So, I went to his place, and my Uncle is getting fucking ripped. Then this other guy comes up with a long beard, and he’s ripped, so I’m like, “this is going to be a fucking party”, and I filmed the music video for “I Need Drugs” right there. I actually felt pretty fucked up for putting it our and exploting my uncle though.

What influences your style? Because you are on some ill, sick shit, man.

Now, as of today, what influences my style, I would say, brutality, fuckin’ paranoia, fuckin’ death, fuckin’ pornography, fuckin’ hustlin’, you know, everything. If something is wack, it will influence you to show that you are better. If something is incredible, it’ll make you write some doper shit. What has influenced me to be in the game, is anyone who came with some fat shit. Geto Boys influenced me. A Tribe Called Quest influenced me when they had “Low End Theory”. Main Source, fuckin’ Kool G. Rap, DJ Premier on “Step Into The Arena”. Anything is ill influecned me. But as far as me and my shit, I am not trying to be like anyone else, I’m trying to be original. I’m being me, and that’s a positive. But on the negative, I gotta be on some really ill shit and the industry doesn’t feel it, but the fans do, so that’s why I am doing my own shit.

How do your lyrics reflect your everyday life?

I’m getting into beef with motherfuckers constantly. Motherfuckers want to kill me, I want to kill them. People look at me and my brain gets paranoid, I hear voices. Then again, I don’t do certain things that I talk about, but in other situations I get into, I end up having to do things I rap about. It just goes back and forth.

I’m not into rapping about happy shit, because I really haven’t had a happy life of getting everything I wanted, and having parents who just gave me everything. I grew up in the projects with people just getting into fights everyday. All of the little kids hated each other, nobody wanted to be friends with each other, and the kids that were friends with each other just got in fights with each other all day. Then there was the whole thug era of ’91, ’92 in Brooklyn, everybody is packin’ razors and shit – and that don’t make you happy. Then there’s the issue of being a white rapper, and everyone fronts on you, and you are always getting judged. Even Eminem talks about how he gets judged, but he blew up already, but imagine someone like me, I’m fucking underground. I get love though, but I haven’t reached the state of happiness yet.

So, what was the “most sadistic” thing you have ever done or experienced?

I couldn’t really tell you what that was. Number one, it wouldn’t be too smart for me to tell you because I would be incriminating myself. I used to do some pretty fucked up shit, I punched bitches in the face. This bitch stole a walkman from me, so I went to her work and hit her in the face. I bludgeon people, you know, people have gotten beaten severely, people have gotten stabbed, you know, beef, here and there. But it’s not really about the sickest shit, it’s really about just doing what I do. If I do it, and it’s ruggeder than your verse, then come sick. I’m fiending to hear another rapper to come on some ill shit. There’s about ten rappers out there right now that get me open.

Such as…?

Right now, I know people are going to be like, “What?”, but C-Murder is my favorite emcee right now. Niggas are probably like “What are you talking about he’s got no skills”. He might not be lyrical, but he comes off as a real motherfucker about everyday life. Like, “watch your back, look out for your enemies, make that money, fuck bitches,” you know? I feel that on that tip. But at the same time, I like Killa Sin from Killarmy. I like Kool G. Rap, I like Havoc and Prodigy of Mobb Deep, I like Cormega, I like Silk The Shocker too. I like Master P, Juvenile… niggas think they don’t got skills, but I heard skills. I think cats on the underground listen for lyrical, metaphor shit, but I think they drop jewels about street life. I pick up on that – and that’s why I really don’t like a lot of underground shit because kids that talk all this metaphor shit, dropping like a hundred different things, and it don’t get me open. I rather hear a street cat drop shit that I’d never heard before, rather than some little twenty-year old kid try to rap this new style that don’t mean nothing to me. People might be like, “why do you like these cats, you don’t sound like them”, that’s because I’m going to be me, but that don’t mean I don’t feel them. When it comes down to it, I think cats like G. Rap are the best. Killah Sin is mad underrated, you know? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not like Stretch Armstrong, where every joint I gotta hear is like “I’m a thug, I’m a thug, I’m a thug”, but I feel that shit. I could still listen to a Kool Keith joint and bug out to it. It doesn’t always have to be some thug shit, but then again, it doesn’t have to be some Lyricist Lounge shit either.

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