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1 January, 1999@12:00 am

The big question to this song is whether Phife is calling out Q-Tip on “Flawless”. His slams are nameless and trans-gender (since he’s talking about halter tops and purple bras) but listen to this dis-laced tirade and you gotta cock your head and say..hmm, “go ‘head/play yourself with those ho’ like hooks/sing ballads if it’s all about that Maxwell look…now tell me what you’re rhyming for/this sh*t is all about skills/f*ck a fashion show.” Either way, “Flawless” is a tight song – one of Phife’s better outings in a long time, nicely complemented by Hi-Tek’s closely wound track. Phife’s swears a little much for my taste – what’s the point in a radio edit if 30% of the dialogue is blanked out? (which is why I think it’s hilarious that radio stations are playing radio edits of Eminem and Dr. Dre songs – you might as well just rock an instrumental). Anyway, I’m one of those divisive MF’s so I’m all for a post-Quest dis-war to go down b/t Phife Diggy and the Abstract Poet. Q-Tip might roll with furs now, but I still think he’d fly Phife’s ass in a rhyme squabble.

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