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30 March, 1999@12:00 am

New York, NY – Trick Daddy Dollars was the night’s big winner at the Online Hip-Hop Awards on Tuesday, taking home five awards, including “Online Hip-Hop Award of the Year” for his innovative and cutting edge website,, for which his latest album is named after.

Among the awards won by Trick Daddy included “Website of The Year”, “Best Artist Website”, “Outstanding Graphics Design”,  “Hottest Audio / Video Website”, and “Online Hip-Hop Award of The Year”.

Said Trick Daddy in his acceptance speech, “Yeah, I won this shit cuz I deserve this shit. They say ‘a thug is a thug is a thug.’ The year 2000 may change the century but there will also be thugs, so that’s why I got”

After numerous live acts the night had to offer, Trick Daddy closed the show with performances of some his classic hits, including “Nann Nigga” and the treasured and timeless piece, “Suckin’, Fuckin”.

Taking the awards by storm, even Trick Daddy’s competition couldn’t help but to give him his deserved props.

“Oh,, is undoubtedly the hottest website on the net. Look at the brilliant promotional tie-in of connecting the website address with the album’s title,” said a representative of Loud.Com. “I mean, there is such an obvious correlation between gutter, ghetto thug rap and computers. It’s sheer and complete marketing genius.”

“We had hoped to win for the award for “Outstanding Graphics Desgin”, said Frank Zuber, art director of the graphically intense Platform.Net. “But how could we compete with the stellar design of The perfectly fashioned “Thugscape” browser, with Trick Daddy’s face in the center, amiss a dark array of clouds? Oh, and then the picture of him with a lizard on his head? Dope, highly conceptual, and truly some next level stuff.”

“It’s the site’s content is what really did it for him, I think,” said Pizzo at HipHopSite.Com. “While our site only has a few real audio tracks and some words, his has buttons for ‘sex’, ‘money’, ‘drugs’, ‘death’…. I knew we should have added a ‘death’ button to our site. That’s what really put him over the top.”

Added Trick Daddy at the end of the night, “I knew I was raw, but I didn’t know I was this raw. This website is better than anything that is out there now.” And right he is.

  Mixtape D.L.
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