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1 January, 2000@12:00 am

“10 Years ago, a Rap commando unit was sent to prison for a covert experimental rhyme project deemed ahead of it’s time and insightful of public hysteria, thus a threat to commercial defense”. So let’s knock it out the box, The A-Team is Aceyalone and Abstract Rude, known on this particular project as Acey The Faceman and A.B. Baracus. The Project Blowdian gatekeepers unite once again on a tasty little 10 track ditty. Split by some newer unheard jammies and some old goodies, highlighting some of the duos better appearances with one another. Who Framed The A-Team is a perfect opener, where the duce see it fit to run circles around Elusive’s simplistic loop creating a mood captivating much like their seminal “Maskaraid pt. 1 & 2″.

“These men promptly escaped from maximum security stockade to the Los Angeles underground”. Fat Jack provides a healthy portion of the music, sticking to the formula found more recently on his “Cater To The DJ” (Celestial) album. That being one of more choppy samples and sparse drum usage. A slight change from the “Mood Pieces” days but still effective in their likeness. And much the same way the music has developed so have the emcees at hand. While Ace and Ab remain consistent with each consecutive release they too have made minor adjustments on the way. Not exactly adjustments but more of a mere flexage of creative muscles. “Like That Like This” exemplifies this with a simple clip-clap Fat Jack creation the two exchange verses with the ease of watching the grass grow. “Acey The Faceman” (also known as “When A Plan Comes Together) and “A.B. Baracus” aren’t really solo joints but open with each emcee respectively, smoking flute like loops with signature Blowdian braggadocio.

94′s “Deep And Wyde” and Kool DJ EQ’s “Me and My Main” make surprising appearances, but it’s “O.G. Crew” that shines the brightest of these older jewels (even though the original version is preferred over this remix). Showcasing a who’s who of the fam, the line up runs like this: Ab, Acey, Volume 10 , DK Toon , Mikah 9 , P.E.A.C.E. , Djinji Brown, and Ganjah K. A vintage Fat Jack sound soaks through the speakers hypnotically with a slow-roll reminiscent early ATU creations. “Today, still wanted by corporations, they survive as soldiers of fortune and artistic integrity”.

It’s hard to imagine either Aceyalone or Ab Rude really falling off, I mean, really. While Who Framed The A-Team? is solid as a rock, it’s not especially stellar, thanks to a few too many previously “released” tracks, but as a side project it’s a worthy piece to any Blowed collection. Nicely placed as a appetizer before the Aceman’s forthcoming Accepted Eclectic venture and the A-Team’s full length Mnemonic Devices: USA To The AUS, an album recorded entirely while on the road in Australia. So dig, “If you have a problem no one else can help, an emcee no one else can serve, a show you really want to be rocked, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire The A-Team”.

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