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Boston’s Akrobatik jumps into the virtual ring to take on the cyberfreakin’ rappers out there on “Internet MC’s”. Had he dropped this two years ago, he’d be a visionary, as it is now, Akrobatik’s latest is likable in that “isn’t that funny” sort of way but his self-production isn’t half as clever as his lines. “Cats run their mouth on AOL/but everytime they drop a 12″, they don’t sell.” I foresee that this will be a mixtape (and ironically enough, MP3) favorite, but on the hype meter it’s about as exciting as a chat room battle. “Sport Center”, featuring Mr. Eon is a similar song conceptually – take a topic (internet or sports) and write down a slew of rhymes with appropriate metaphors and similes thrown in. Ex. Mr. Eon spits, “after me/your career will end early/like Bobby Hurley.” Cool ’nuff, but again, the beat (by DJ Mighty Mi) is a yanwer. Thankfully, “The Flow” raises the bar a couple of notches with Fakts One’s thick production busting out the bars that Akrobatik lays down. It’s not nearly as clever as the other songs but for pure punch, “The Flow” pounds on its two 12″ partners.

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