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 Like a refreshingly strong shot of Maker’s Mark, Defari blasts back onto the scene with blazing saddles under the new guise of “Billy The Kidd”. Roaming the same range trailblazed by Sadat X’s rustic “Wild Cowboys”, the Kidd refines his style like the fine aged Whiskey and Remi he often boasts of on record. Whipping opponents into shape with his lasso-like mic-cord and riding into a sizzling sunset basking in the hotness of Joey Chavez and Evidence lent backdrops. Like every good cowboy though, Saloon Music does have its darkside – not enough new music.

Saloon Music has the potential to burn like a Death Valley afternoon, but falls short in the midst of previously released material and a bounty of interludes. But surprisingly enough it’s those same already available jams that knock louder than Heru’s spurs dragging along the bar. “Develop Tools” sounds even better the second time around as Defari and Joey Chavez pair up for this slow burner (a late 98′ banger). “Say It Twice” also reminds us of its deep impact late last year as the essential and introductory Billy The Kidd joint. The album’s opener “Ralo R.I.P. Jam” follows suit as his previous hits with an intensive Xzibit scratch to complement the Kidd’s gruff b-boy Buffalo-stance.

Sadly missing is Defari’s most recent 12″ (“Joyride” – perhaps on an official follow-up LP?), in it’s place are a few less memorable joints such as the ironically titled Unforgettable, a more bump-accessible joint which sounds like a scrapped version of his most recent “L.A. City”. With 4 previously released joints and 4 interludes Saloon Music leaves a little more to be desired but undoubtedly reaches the nod-factor and proves a worthy effort, hopefully only priming Defari’s fans for a suitable follow-up to Focused Daily.

  Mixtape D.L.
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