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Germany’s Groove Attack strikes again with a cameo packed 12″. Some weird combos on this: “Misuse” pairs De La protege Truth Enola with former milk carton MC Kwest The Madd Lad. Kwest seems to have twisted his verbal style up a notch – spilling words all over the track (which is an ok, guitar-powered ditty, but nothing to write home about). Enola is purely there for the hook, which is a shame since the man can rhyme but the song’s the best of the three on here “Phonographic Material” brings together Mr. Complex, Rise, and Eddie Brock, the latter a frequent Eddie Ill collabo partner. Unfortunately, this is one instance where the song title is more clever than the song itself. The beat is unimaginative and lyrically, the whole crew provides as much support as a paper bra. That leaves “Nothings Changed” to clean up with I.G. Off & Hazadous, Gauge, and Rubix over a likable track (the most melodic on the 12″ but that’s not saying much). Overall, an okay 12″ that’s probably too talent heavy to be consistent.

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