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Is it me or could Encore , Planet Asia, and Kazi  battle each other with no one being able to figure out who’s who? Not to say that they sound absolutely identical, but there’s a lot of similarities in their baritone flow as well as short, punchy rhyme scheme. None of this should take away from the fact that Kazi’s new 12″ is great – solid rhymes and beats on every track. Madlib gets props for handling three different songs and being able to flip a different style on each one. Kazi does fairly well though honestly, every song on here is a variation on the same theme – i.e. “I rock/you don’t”. Of the litter, I’d go with “A.V.E.R.A.G.E.” first of all, mostly b/c Madlib’s super-smooth, darkly soulful beat is the hit. Follow that up with the snappy “Wake Up” which takes the tempo up a touch with its minimalist drum n’ bassline combo. “Down For The Kaz” is mad nice too musically – easy-going, jazzy – but I found the lyrics just a tad too simplistic.

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