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1 January, 2000@12:00 am

Kool Keith Thornton is back with his Diesel Trucker beat maker Kutmasta Kurt  on this year s most unprecedented release, Matthew . Despite, recent discrepancies, both put aside their differences for the good of hip-hop, and deliver some of the same chemistry last heard on Dr. Dooom . For those in the know, the creative concepts illustrated in the furiously paced manor as only Keith can provide, is capable of making one compulsively and physiologically addicted to his sound. Hence, the tremendous amount of clones that have duplicated his style, and now claim the topic throughout Mathew . Whether his narcissism is shtick or not, the fact is Keith remains bitter, and for good reason.

“F-U M.F.” starts off by informing fly by night MC s to take heed You don t wanna fuck with me, or rock with me, or rhyme on any block with me. Fuck the rap museum! I should be on the wall next to Run DMC, between Public Enemy, some asshole is jealous of me. While quintessential Keith appears on Operation Extortion and “Baddest MC” it’s classic Keith that shows up on I Don’t Believe You . Reminiscent of Ultra s One-Two, One Two , which is bound to be a fan favorite.

And what would be a Kool Keith project without a prot? getting some shine? Things start to heat up on the gem, Sweet Unique Pete , where up and coming Black Silver makes his mark on the mic, and only gets even better with the hidden track remix. “Back Stage Passes”, is a groupie journey that showcases his creme de la creme sex styles and leaves you awe of his lifestyle. To top things all off, the underground hit Test Press finds its way on the album. Here, Keith explains his short stay on Columbia/Ruffhouse, the delay on his long-awaited Black Elvis album and all the reasons you should not sign to a major label.

Kool Keith might be the most self-absorbed artist on wax. He might be dangerously perverted, and sometimes schizophrenic. And I m sure if given the chance, would jump at the opportunity of interviewing himself on MTV s Fanatic. You can t take him seriously at all. Just allow yourself to live vicariously throughout all 19 tracks (2 hidden). For the most part, Keith is genuinely fun-loving and his comedic lyricism can easily place him in The Original Kings of Comedy tour. Both Kool Keith and Kut Master Kurt do an exceptional job handling the production and provide some of the most eccentric spaced-out beats and bass-lines we ve ever thus far. Regardless of the lack of attention and respect Keith feels he may receive, good music speaks for itself.

  Mixtape D.L.
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