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I’ve always cut LMNO some slack because while I don’t always like his flow, he at least stays true to it rather than trying to switch up styles ever two weeks like others. LMNO is one of those take it or leave it MC’s and there’s no good reason why I’m willing to champion him further than say, Mr. Brady. But I like how he does his thing, the way he accents and slurs certain syllables. And he’s smart about his beats – take the mellow, jazzy affair that is “Natural Beauty”, something Black Star might have dropped back in ’99 (and the fact that a Talib Kweli snippest is on the hook doesn’t hurt). LMNO comes philosophical without sounding too pretentious and I can see a lot of heads getting into the song’s vibe. “Enhanced” is more middle-of-the-road braggadocio – nothing you’ve never heard before and I just skipped past it to get to “James Addiction” (automatic points for title cleverness). It’s a song about, well, addiction and while it has some rough edges – and lacks the utter humor of D12′s recent “Purple Pills” – I liked how LMNO tried to pull off a concept song. How can you front on this: “I treat Rogaine/like cocaine/I don’t take it/heard the rock/in the stem/when I shake it.” That’s bonus points for working the word “Rogaine” into any hip-hop song. Not stellar but a fairly solid effort for LMNO. Longevity Rating: Three weeks.

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