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1 January, 2000@12:00 am

 The Hip-Hop world has an exhausting amount of late-fees when it comes to paying Moka Only the dues he rightfully deserves. Having a textured catalog of material more extensive than some entire record labels, Moka’s contribution to the music has been unheralded and under-appreciated at best. With a Battle Axe full length along side several other projects all coming down the pipes, 2001 will undoubtedly be the year Moka Only will begin his industry explosion – Road Life is the first spark.

Entirely produced, mixed and arranged by Moka (not to mention rapped), his ambitious steps prove to be a success as Road Life unravels beautifully into a subtly pleasing brush of sharp Korg notes and bountiful bass bumps. Character and style exude from this work as Moka encompasses rhythmic crooning in a classical b-boy stance, with a simplistic freshness that has drawn comparisons to Common and Slum Village from some critics yet remains irreplaceably unique in it’s own right. Tracks like “Good Times Stack” (feat. Ishkan), “Whole New Day” and “Most Prolific” find Moka at his best, having fun interacting with the track like the underground vet he is. Even throw-back concepts like “Chek My Style” and “Detectives” work well under his guise, proving accessible to the masses, yet respectable for the elitists.

Finding fault in Road Life is relative to the taste of the individual, abrasive or intruding he is not. Moka is the glass of water on a hot day, a relic in the vast sea of complicated facsimiles of other Hip-Hop artists. Consumers are constantly complaining about notbeing able to listen to album all the way through anymore, enter the extra prolific sleeper, the Guru of the next school, that is if Slick Rick  and Casual happen to mate somewhere in British Columbia.

  Mixtape D.L.
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