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1 January, 2000@12:00 am

Love him or hate him, Madlib has been putting in crazy work in the past 365 days. From Lootpack beats to a plentiful batch of guest production and remixes ‘Lib has been up to his dreads in Hip-Hop. Amazingly enough he’s had the ability to record a whole 24 track full length (vocals and beats) for self. But not the Madlib solo album (although it’s probably sure to come), it’s the Quasimoto album. Quasimoto you say? Who are they? What is that? It’s not so complicated young one, yet what could of easily been a one-single wonder (“Microphone Mathematics”) metamorphosed itself into the gruesome prospects of an actual full length album. The Unseen Quasimoto would later be exposed to the world as Madlib vocally mutated in the recording process. That recording process sounding quite differently from past works, being much more a Rap experiment than a conventional release. Songs mostly clock-in under 3 minutes, drums often fall off beat to the ever fluctuating vocals of Lord Quas and his almost blubbering rhyme schemes. While the topics stick to Madlib’s usual fare of crate diggin’, smokin’ cheeba and other popular themes. Sloppy off-beat mess or soon-to-be Hip-Hop Cult Classic?

Madlib is definitely effective with the beats, albeit strange combinations he knows how to work the drums with the bass to get a hand in the air and that head moving back and forth. “Boom Music” & “Basic Instinct” show this off well. “Jazz Cats Pt. 1″ and “Return Of The Loop Digga” are the articles to Madlib’s crate diggin’ fetishes. Although his expertise gets caught out there by sampling “Bubble Gum” and a few other highly recognizable & previously used joints. While “MHB’s” and “Axe Puzzles” are basically rehashes of old AZ & M.O.P. instrumentals, Quasi’s kookiness make them enjoyable all over again.

So before you make your mind up about The Unseen; do you like Madlib’s beats, how about his rhymes? Now would you like them through a dust-smoking filter, enough to make a tweaking raver bug? Sifting through 24 joints of Madlib on helium does indeed wear thin, although it can be pretty entertaining at times, great for mixshows and mixtapes, but nothing to get romantic on or write a term paper to, (but then again how many dope Hip-Hop albums can you do that with)? The most interesting album of 2000, but remember the stipulations and proceed with caution.

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