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by Pizzo
11 March, 2000@12:00 am

Beverly Hills, CA – Actor / singer Joey Lawrence was like “Whoa” this afternoon, after apparently hearing that Blossom’s best friend, Six, has like a huge crush on him. Word has it that Lawrence was snooping in Blossom’s room, when he heard their voices coming from the other room, and quickly retreated to the closet. Upon entering the room, Six, whom he believed to be shopping with Blossom, commented on how cute she thought Joey looked wearing a flannel shirt around his waist – and at this point, the former Facts Of Life star blew his cover by saying “Whoa”. The closet door then opened, uncovering a guilty looking Lawrence, with a montage of bras and underwear, haphazardly draped over his shoulders and head, who was then allegedly attacked by by the two girls with pillows.

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