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WALL STREET – After an exhausting year, financial experts estimate that almost 17.2 billion dollars was frivolously tossed around in rap videos in 1999. This was surprisingly double the amount of what was thrown around by these ultra rich, care-free rappers in 1998.

The year’s most expensive video was Raekwon’s “Live From New York”, which featured the rapper sitting on bricks of one-hundred dollar bills, with the set estimated worth reaching 12 Billion. Other expensive videos released in 1999, include the B.G.’s “Bling Bling”, which featured the rappers joyfully counting the money, and then dropping it on the ground. 1998′s most expensive video was from Gangsta Boo, with “Where Them Dollars At”. This video featured the female rapstress wandering aimlessly around a ballroom asking “where them dollars at”, as the floor of the ballroom was completely covered in them. One analyst concluded that the label could have saved some money on the video if  “she would have stopped asking that damn question and just picked up some off of the ground”.

But the gleeful waste of money doesn’t stop there. Sources say that the new video from Puff Daddy, “I Got Money (Barely Out My Twenties)”, which features a sample of the late 80′s hit, “I Want To Be Rich”, will feature the rapper shoveling 30 billion dollars into fire.

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