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12 June, 2000@12:00 am

New York, NY – The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame was turned upside down this past weekend, when it was attacked by two angry rapping men, dressed in black leather, both wearing pairs of white Adidas tennis shoes.

According to the Museum’s head of security, Larry “Bud” Melman, the duo busted the door down, into the Hall, declaring themselves to be of royal stature.

“The taller one was rapping at me,” said Larry, “He kept going on about how he was the king of rock or something. I was scared, so I just agreed with him.”

Video surveillance cameras show footage of the duo desecrating many of the hall’s exhibits. One instance shows one of the men removing Michael Jackson’s famous silver glove, and throwing it on the floor, then stepping on it. Another instance showed them breaking a pair of plastic sunglasses from the Elton John exhibit.

“They just tore the place apart, and then they would fold their arms, and look at me, just waiting for a reaction,” said Larry, “At one point, they threatened me with an electric guitar. I was scared stiff”.

Police are currently investigating the scene, with only one lead to go on, a spray painted wall in the Hall that says, “Run DMC Kings Of Rock”.

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