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Where other music genres have flourished both commercially and critically, Hip-Hop remains a vastly unearthed territory in the great Northwest states. Seattle’s Conception Records played an integral part in the later nineties, introducing a slew of area rappers and producers to the masses with consistently solid 12″ releases, but as the label seemingly disbanded so did the exposure of quality Hip-Hop acts from the region. Gangstas are undoubtedly familiar with the Portland, Oregon vet Cool Nutz, but for groups like those housed at Conception, notoriety outside of their region was seemingly invisible. Making the stretching effort to cross regional boundaries is Seattle’s Boom Bap Project, affiliates of the larger collective Oldominion (based in both Seattle and Portland). This 3 man squad of Karim, Destro Destructo and DJ Tre lead the way towards, for better or worse, a new introduction to the Northwestern brand of Hip-Hop music.

Boom Bap is just that. In the vein of similar two-emcee-crews of the past like Channel Live or even the more presently Swollen Members, Karim and Destructo keep a steady focus on the word spit leaving the door open for heads to rap along in appreciation or use as background filler in a room full of chatter. Not exactly the tastemakers, the group can still hold their own both in front a mic and behind the board. Karim shows versatility laying the track and vocals for the sublime “Who’s That”. Enlisting outside help is done with out being outrageous and remaining seemingly within the fam, with Oaktowner’s Pep Love and L’Roneous appearing on “Net Worth” and “Odds On Favorite” respectively. Both tracks bump well, with the cameos dropping bombs that don’t sound listless or outshine their Up North counterparts. With additional assistance on the beats by Seatown vets Vitamin D and Jake One, Circumstance proves bumpable throughout. These perks help BPP step up in the game, presenting a solid re-introduction of the Northwestern sound, now the test of time is the only thing left to prove the trio’s longevity.

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