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1 January, 2001@12:00 am

Don’t call it a comeback. As one of the bright one-hit wonders of the late ’90s, Camp Lo’s blaxploited vocab and attitude had style to spare for days but you got the feeling that they could only tap that formula for about one album until it started playing themselves. Perhaps knowing that, Camp Lo switches up their steez on this new Stimulated 12″ but in my opinion, it’s for the worse. “Troubleman” is some weak rock n’ rap sh*t and now Sonny Cheeba and Geechi Suede are trying to come thug-like in their delivery, trading in “Shaft”-like coolness for all the subtlety of Action Jackson. “Cookers” is a little more familiar, especially because Ski (who handled their first album) returns. It’s no time-warp, the vibe is very contemporary, and the song fits well in the current hot sh*t sound – fierce drum programming, heated brass hits – and I can see this doing well in the clubs though it’s nowhere near as infectiously funky and groovy as their older classics. Still, not a total disaster as Camp Lo tests the water for their return. Stick with “Cookers” and don’t mess with “Troubleman.” - O-Dub

Hey, I like “Troubleman”! While the electric guitar sample isn’t typical of what you’d expect from Camp Lo, I think the way that Jocko  chopped makes it a far cry from any rock / rap crap - at least closer to some southern bounce shit, than Korn Bizkit. Camp Lo still has that stylish 70′s swagger to their vocals, and I think it works well on “Troubleman”. While it doesn’t have the potential to be classic like some of their older joints (“Black Nostaljack”, “Luchini”), I still think that it fills in the gap nicely, at least while we wait for the sophomore release. Ski keeps it closer to their original style on “Cookers”, which again, lacks the classic magnetism of the original stuff, but still works. - Pizzo

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