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1 January, 2001@12:00 am

Y’all know the name, and you know the countless amount of controversies he’s been embroiled in over the past three-years.  Yes, the Canibus man is back.  And though he has been out of sight for a minute, Bis’s new LP, C True Hollywood Story, promises to be just as controversial as his debut.  Yes, Germaine Williams has never been known to back down from a battle, or for that matter incite one!  Wherever Bis goes, controversy is sure to follow and that trend holds true with his latest endeavor, as Bis continues to rip the jacker, and in an even more eyebrow-raising move, adding a new chapter / rebuttal to Eminem’s “Stan”.

While Bis and some of his aliases choose to be unavailable for comment on certain topics.  The lyrical hurricane was gracious enough to politic with us from England, where among other things he discussed a new beginning, what he learned from his numerous battles, and wack producers.  Hip-hop pariah, or misunderstood genius; its all irrelevant to Bis’ and his True Hollywood Story.

HHS:  Do you feel that you are misunderstood as an artist?  If so, what is the most common misconception fans, and or other artists have about you?

Canibus: I can see how people (fans and other artists alike) would misunderstand me.  It seems only natural considering the exposure to my music is limited.

HHS: With this LP you have gone the indy route, did all of the controversies you have been embroiled in scare away potential major labels suitors (did you generate any major label suitors)?

Canibus:  Having the proper resources to release material in different formats besides just CD’s and Tapes has given me an almost interactive edge.  Major labels rarely explore other options that maybe at an artist’s disposal.  MP3′s promote record sales too.  Me being Independent means having more options.

HHS: Your first two LP’s failed to live up to expectations.  Why? And how much of that do you attribute to your former label?

Canibus: No comment

HHS: You had total creative control on this LP, it’s your baby per say, and if things don’t go as planned this go round, are you willing to shoulder the blame?

Canibus: No comment

HHS: Does the fact that you are in control of this LP add any extra-pressure, or do you feel this is a make or break LP for you?

Canibus: C True Hollywood Stories is my third LP and I will be pleased no matter the outcome.

HHS: You have been tagged as a battle rapper; do you feel that is a fair label?

Canibus: Sure it’s fair. Can-I-Bus can bust and Rip The Jacker rips the taggers!!

HHS:  Was one of your goals to disprove the “Battle Rapper” stereotype with this
record, as you seem to have really made an effort to get more introspective with
this LP.

Canibus:  This album is an introspective account of true Hollywood Stories, C-style.
Some stories are 100% real, while others are half-truths.  They are all for your entertainment
purposes only.

HHS:  What was your motivation for “U Didn’t Care”?  It is obviously going to raise some eyebrows, as you recite the rhyme through the eyes of “Stan”. Most people will
see this as a diss towards Eminem (which the ads for your LP do not shy away from).
Yet, your take on this is that “Everyone–including every great MC today–has a little Stan in them. Can you expound on that?

Canibus: Stan is unavailable for comment.

HHS:  You end “U Didn’t Care” with the following quote—“Talking about Britney and Christine Aguilera, N’Sync too, have you ever looked in the mirror, your hair ain’t really blond, and your eyes ain’t blue, so never diss me, cause when you diss me you dissing you.”  Can you expound on that?

Canibus: No comment

HHS: On “Lemme Hear Something Else” you challenge other emcees to broaden their topic matter, beyond recycling the usual females, cars, and jewelry topics.  Are you a fan of contemporary hip-hop?

Canibus: Sure, I like to hear Erick Sermon and Marvin Gaye’s “Music” come on in the club, but I also enjoy records like Jay-Z’s “The Takeover.”

HHS: You have never shied away from controversy, as you have been involved in very public beefs with LL Cool J and Wyclef.  What did you bring away from these beefs, and what did you learn?

Canibus: You win some, you lose some.  Life goes on!!

HHS: You continue ripping LL with this LP.  In hindsight, have you ever regretted anything you have said on wax?

Canibus: Rippers R.I.P.!  Nothing personal, just business!

HHS: What is the current state of your relationship with Clef, and LL?  Have you spoken with either since everything went down?  Are you ready to squash everything and move on?

Canibus: When we all grow up and stop making diss records I’m sure we’ll all look back and laugh at what happened.  After all, its just hip-hop!

HHS:  I don’t think anyone questions your lyrical skills.  However, the main concern with your previous LP’s has been from a production standpoint.  Do you feel that is a fair statement?

Canibus: Opinions are inescapable.  So are wack producers.  Neither should stop anyone from making records!

HHS:  On this LP you worked with a slew of unknown producers, did you worry that fans would see this production roster and say here we go again?

Canibus: It’s funny you should mention that.  People have been known to grow tired of the more *pop*ular producers too.  Everybody was unknown at some point in their career.  I think my fans would react rather harshly to a P.Diddy remix, but I could be wrong?

HHS: Do you feel the production element was appropriately squared away on this LP?

Canibus: In my opinion, the production could have been better.  But my record is more then just beats
and rhymes!

HHS: You reference the Sept 11 tragedy with “Draft Me”, and the track imparts some very strong feelings on your part.  What was your initial reaction after this tragedy occurred?

Canibus: “Draft Me” was actually the idea of a C-4 group member.  I think when the smoke clears; we will all be affected by this tragedy both at home and abroad.

HHS: On “I Gotta Story 2 Tell”, some of your lyrics seem to be directed at Jay-Z—- “You and Biggie made a dope team, but I’ll roast Beans”, and “Don’t tell me that your school of Hard Knocks turned preppy.”  Am I reading too much into that?

Canibus: No comment

HHS: On “Hate U 2″ you state, “This record is proof that I made it.” How so?

Canibus: No comment

HHS: What does the future hold for you?  And what can we look forward to after this project?

Canibus: Canibus will keep bussin’ and Rip The Jacker will keep Rippin’.

  Mixtape D.L.
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