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1 January, 2001@12:00 am

Casual’s comeback trail is still getting blazed but the road isn’t as smooth as we’d probably like. His braggadocio style is as brutal as always and “Same O.G.” gives you a full three verses to marinate in. The hook is the only things that’s really off – “just because I got my own CD/and I’m probably on tv/there ain’t no change in me/the same O.G.” No offense, but Casual hasn’t had his own CD since 1993 and when’s the last time we saw his mug on the telly? Dangerous game of bragging when you don’t have back-up to pick the slack up. VIC’s beat is s’okay – functional but nothing that’d stick to the wall. Dante Ross comes through better with the dramatic piano track on “Turkey & Dressing”and I’m partial to this as the better braggart song of the two: “mics get disrespected/like whites in our communities/so layoff/it won’t payoff/my tune will be way off.” Forget pistol whipping your head, he’s got the shotgun butt going upside the skull.

  Mixtape D.L.
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