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Yo, wasn’t Jo-Ell like Superman’s half-cousin, once removed or some sh*t? I don’t know if this is supposed to be one guy or two but there’s definitely two emcees on this joint and from the subtitle of the “How They Do” (“from PA to BK”) I’m assuming one reps Philly, the other the Planet. The key difference on making this 12″ hotter would have been better production on “How They Do”. The verses ain’t bad – though the first MC to take the mic rocks a Last Emperor-esque flow. But the second MC is slicker this year, “Quik is too hot/my lyrics is sick/every word need a flu shot/before you throw it in your boombox.” Not mo’ sophisticato, but I wasn’t reaching for the stop button either. But the production is blandiose – recycling those goddamn Al Green rimshots again (“Tried by 12″ should have officially ended the practice, if not “Paper Thin”). “Real Recognize” is a tad better – generic NY beats (sparse, sparse, sparse) but the vocals are on some “I’m a bigger thug than you” sh*t. Yaaawn.

  Mixtape D.L.
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