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Hey, I like Kool Keith. Really. But every album he’s put out since Dr. Octagon have practically been the same. Keith excels as these bizarre, stream of consciousness rhymes that invent new ways to disrespect you. It’s all wildly entertaining – I mean, Keith says on “Stank MC’s”, “I’ll slap you with a condom” Who the f*ck would come up with a line like that? Wicked! But in the big scheme of things, it can get a little redundant after a while because each song sounds like the last. I suppose the 12″‘s saving grace is that the production is different from what Keith typically rolls too (Kutmasta Kurt’s wide-bottom electro beats). But DJ Mighty Mi doesn’t really smack you with anything too innovative – good, solid beats but unremarkable past that. What you’re left with is another dope 12″ that preaches to the Kool Keith choir but it doesn’t reveal any angles we haven’t already been poked with already. – O-Dub

I feel what O-Dub is saying about the feeling of redundancy from Keith, considering that he drops at least two albums each year, but I’m one that can’t get enough of his ridiculous accusations. “Thug Or What?” is much more homophobic than any song Eminem every wrote, as Keith hilariously reveals every rapper’s secret fantasy: “Mad at me cuz I’m smart and intellectual; not transsexual / The largest emcees with incredible bank accounts / girls don’t know you homosexual / Celebrity number 4080 / lookin’ at another man’s butt is crazy / you need to get with a lady.” Milo’s track is kooky enough for Keith, and a nice change from some of the stranger production we’ve seen on Matthew or Analog Brothers. “Back From The Pad” is typical B-side material, and I guess “Stank MC’s” from The Smut Peddlers album doesn’t really count - so give “Thug Or What” some love. – Pizzo

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