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1 January, 2001@12:00 am

Ok, despair now. KRS-ONE proves that his new calling card might be mediocrity with a flat pair of songs on a 12″ that’d be forgotten in a New York minute if it wasn’t for the Blastmaster’s name cred. Maybe the fatal flaw with “Hot”, is that KRS’ self-produced beat is flatter than Utah salt fields but his lyrics pack far more bark than bite: “they not hot/all they do is talk a lot/that’s not hot/where’s your respect on the block/that’s hot/not ’cause you’re friends with the cops/that’s not hot/a real MC you’re not.” “Get Yourself Up” (produced by Grand Daddy I.U. of all people) sounds fairly generic too but at least the bass bounce feels like some classic Kenny Parker sh*t and KRS comes a touch slicker in his lyricism. But neither side is anywhere close to where KRS has been – and could be. He’s calling himself the light at the end of the tunnel but with ever new 12″, he seems to be getting dimmer all the time. – O-Dub

I wasn’t feeling “Hot” either, whether I heard it at The Blaze Battle or on this 12″, but I really like the b-side, “Get Yourself Up”,. While it takes a minute for Kris to get things started, once he does, it’s on like Donkey Kong. That ol’boom-bap has definitely returned, with it’s pounding basslines, and the hook is one of the most energetic since Monch’ “Simon Says”. Typical KRS preaching going on here, and combined with the track, it could be considered vintage Boogie Down Productions w/ a 2K twist. B-side wins again. – Pizzo

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