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1 January, 2001@12:00 am

 The point where style transcends the initial boundaries of a gimmick can be where true artistry is born. For some, Necro’s unavoidable nastiness is nothing more than uninteresting shit talking, for others, totally enthralling shit talking, yet for the few that truly sit down with his body of work and devote a critical ear, you’ll find the stirrings of brash intellect and meticulous craftsmanship. As a producer, Necro has always appeared overlooked in the hip-hop community and while his collaborations rarely surpass members of the extended fam (excluding his noteworthy work with Missin Linx), his beats remain a subtle yet perfect fit for his devilish escapades. Rhyming, he’s more than open to explain in spotless detail the instructions to disposing of deceased human carcasses as well as the fantastic tales of painful sex with pornography celebs. In short, ain’t shit changed for Necro except he’s proven both frighteningly persistent and intriguingly complicated throughout his releases, which seems to of come to a tee in his official debut full length Gory Days.

While the imagination of Gory Days thins out periodically on what some could consider standard Necro fare, there are unquestionable moments of his ever dominant presence (refreshingly eye-opening as the first time his “Get On Your Knees”/”Underground” smasher spun its wicked wheels) that’ll fiendishly jump at a listener. An aura of Kool G Rap meets Primo blasts through highlights like ruggedly bumpable “12 King Pimp Commandments” and “All Hotties Eat The Jizz” (the best Biz manipulation ever). It’s easy for a lazy listener to write off Necro’s psycho-babble as just that but when given time, his lyrical inscriptions are painstaking at their best. “Dead Body Disposal” an eerily thought-out blueprint paints vivid pictures that would give Wes Craven or Steven King an erection and the title track “Gory Days” provides a funky throwback of a track to take notes to.

At his best, Necro writes raps like no other (his beats – solid and simple, a sturdy foundation). While there are a lot of murder-talk emcees in the world most ultimately waver conceptually with time only riding their supposedly sick style for so long, Necro comes across with meaning, like he’s seriously not fucking around and even when he is, he really ain’t. Making songs about murder, drugs and fucking has been done by a lot of people – none as devoted and prolifically as Necro (with a nod to Natas and Brother Hung Lynch). As he proclaims on “Poetry Of The Streets” – “I think my shit’s too brutal for most, I might be the only one capable of digesting a dose”. You’re probably right but the misunderstood artist of today is the college lecture of tomorrow.

  Mixtape D.L.
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