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1 January, 2001@12:00 am

Now that Mad Skillz is on some spittin’ hot sh*t tip, I can’t be too mad at him. After all, he’s clearly paid his dues (meaning his first album was trashed and ignored) in this rap game, besides, for a punchline rapper, I can’t help but be amused by some of his lines. “Ya’ll Don’t Wanna” is ok – Hi-Tek provides a bumpin’ funk track for your pleasure, but Skillz’ slow, deliberate flow seems all punch with not enough lines. I can see this making some noise for a hot second. Flipside tries a lil’ too hard to be hot, like a half-weight Ruff Ryders wanna-be track. That may not be such a bad thing since Skillz is a lot more fun to listen to than Jadakiss, but the plodding track needs a steroid upgrade. - O-Dub

“Ya’ll Don’t Wanna” is the cut - Hi-Tek is clearly being set up by Rawkus to be one of the next “hot” producers, and this track treads the jiggy/backpack line nicely. Skillz gets a lot off his chest on this one, in an Eminesque fashion of discussing whatever topics have arisen about him within the last year. Funny enough, he even mentions the fact that he didn’t put “Ghost Writer” back out “with the names in it”, because “Puff cut a check / I didn’t have to say shit.” Heh. True, the “Do It Real Big” is some wanna-be hot shit, but unlike O-Dub, I’d rather listen to some Jadakiss. – Pizzo


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