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1 January, 2002@12:00 am

After building his name producing a number tracks for run down hip-hop acts such as Das Efx, K-Solo, Channel Live, and Big Daddy Kane, on his various compilation albums - Game Over 1 & 2, and Behind the Doors of the 13th Floor - Domingo returns with The Difference, perhaps his strongest effort yet, showing maturity and growth as a producer.

This time, Domingo packs it tightly with a slim 12 tracks, but truthfully still delivers hit & miss material. Nevertheless, when he’s aiming for his target, he hits dead center. From the get-go, back-to-back bangers “Certified Official” by Dilated Peoples, and “Rumble” by High & Mighty, show enormous improvement in his production, worthy of a place on either of the respective artists albums. He also cleans-up shop with KRS-ONE and Tonedeff on “Clear ‘Em Out” (the song that sparked the whole Nelly “battle”), as Kris plays sucka-emcee duck hunter on one his best performances since “Step Into A World”. Meanwhile, Mets capped rookies, Rise, and Punch & Words also fair well over Domingo’s new and improved sonic backdrops, with Rise’s cute “From The Child To The MC”, and Punch & Words heartfelt NYC dedication, “Native New York”.

Still, it is evident that Domingo saved some of his better beats for the better emcees, as some of the young upstarts (K-Slash, Deacon Da Villian) either came up short on the quality beats, or simply failed to deliver themselves. Other times, the responsibility of failure falls on the emcees themselves, such as on Craig Mack’s road-to-nowhere “The Ha Ha Ha”, Sean Price’s G’d up “Irrationally Speaking”, or another strike from the Cocoa Brovaz’s “Play No Games”, (following the lousy “Spit Again” from SoundBombing III).

But again, Domingo overall shows vast improvement, and is beginning to develop his own signature style with The Difference. Sooner or later it won’t be surprising to see some of these artists asking him to return the favor, in producing tracks for their respective albums, as KRS already has.

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