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1 January, 2002@12:00 am

Swollen Members rampant Canadian industry-shakedown did nothing short of placing the personification of what ‘underground’ hip-hop once was atop a celebratory silver platter, by all means, they are large (in Canada). But to the American ear, the Battle Axe  sound still speaks of a grit-scape and sans Abstract Rude’s mish-mash of a million styles on P.A.I.N.T., their next Stateside artist to pounce on a full-length scale, Mr. Brady, continues on the Madchild-like path of force and flare. Too rugged to even come out on Battle Axe, their shadowing subsidiary, Underworld is the host to the San Diegoian’s debut disc.

Dusty Baker is pretty dusty. Musically produced entirely by the artist (minus one track by companion DJ, Mike Czech) this is 10 songs of full-force Brady styling. While his debut Battle Axe single, “Let My Record Rotate” might still remain his most memorable slice yet, Dusty Baker still revolves with equated lows and buzzes. The opening, “Vibe Killer ” pounds and is probably the one to revisit most often, for behind the boards Brady meets Rob The Viking and Havoc Of Mobb Deep on just an alright day. In fact, the mentor-ish Tony Da Skitzo’s newer flows on “Everlasting Passion” sum this effort up, perhaps it just been too long since the “Molasses” days, but his welcome presence still isn’t much to make this album stay in play too long. Dirty mood music, squared-up braggadocio, with out a whole lot more to back it up. So raw its soul is scarce.

  Mixtape D.L.
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