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1 January, 2002@12:00 am

From Minnesota, arrives a four-man troupe proving correct the old saying “hard work pays off.” With two of the members already in New York for school, the group took a leap of faith and decided they would all move to the East Coast. Seeming focused, dedicated and sounding even hungrier than previous releases, Oddjobs have embarked on a mission with no thoughts of turning back.
Drums is packed with concepts, but keeps them creative, avoiding boredom. “Time Flies” is a journey from then til now and extends in the future. “I like rap, I’d also like my fucking life back,” should be a line that rings loud and true in the hearts of all those on the grind to make it in hip-hop. “Blue Collar Holler” serves as another anthem for the hard working emcee. It is honest and heartfelt lyrics that will allow people to connect with the group and really feel where they are coming from. Not going too over your head with intelligent rhymes, there are also crowd participation tracks like “The Backstroke”, commanding people to “get as quiet or loud as they want.”

Most of the production is filled with bluesy guitar licks, which assist in adding even more depth and passion to the already personal tales. Experimentation into combining various sounds also results in aural pleasure. “Shore” has a New Orleans meets the West Indies feel to it, while the beat on “Hit ‘Em With A High” could possibly serve as the hip-hop theme for laser tag. The “Dream For Molle” trilogy begins with “Part One” almost void of any lyrics, but by closing your eyes and opening your mind and ears you can feel yourself being transported through different lands of emotions by the down tempo production.

First time listeners’ ears might perk up, just by hearing this release is on Third Earth Music, home to indy mainstays The Masterminds  & Jean Grae. This might reel people in, but it will ultimately be the chemistry and cleverness of the group that turn listeners into fans. Odd Jobs walk to the beat of their own Drums, but that originality is a much needed tune we can all get down with.

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