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1 January, 2002@12:00 am

In the UK, whether it be the Garage, Drum + Bass, Dancehall/Reggae or the Soul scene, British music culture is so rich, vibrant and void of commercial distractions, that those looking for purity will most of the time hold UK artists up in very high esteem. In UK’s hip-hop circles, the outlook shouldn’t be any different to these other genres. Producer Richy Pitch unleashes an EP that proves he only needed nine tracks to convince you hip-hop heads that when it comes to beats, he too delivers the punches that can also knock out Tyson! With a guest list of names like J-Live, Mr. Complex, Unspoken Heard, El Da Sensei, and Apani B-Fly Emcee making the studio session an event not to be missed, this is actually one of the better hip-hop releases for 2002 thus far.

Kicking off the album with the title track, Richy Pitch’s inspiration from his previous production of “Live at Home” by Unspoken Heard, finds a remix here featuring El Da Sensei instead. A minimalist groove, with a simplistic but very bouncy beat attached, this is head-nodding heaven in the underground grimy world of beats, rhymes and life. Interludes in between each of the featured tracks highlight some bizarre samples and Richy Pitch’s wide assortment of vinyl explorations, like on “Record Lovers” or on “The Bed”, a two minute hippie-like folk trance which leads right into Apani B Fly’s “Day To Day”. Apani B’s lethal on the mic, and with a seductive guitar loop fueling her continuous ever-flowing lyrics, Richy Pitch picked a winner for this track. With scratches provided by some of the UK’s most brilliant cross-fader technicians such as Mr. Thing, The Nextmen, First Rate and DJ GO, not one track on this EP disappoints. From “Phone Bizness” by Mr. Complex to “The Lyricist” by J-Live with its flute infusion melodically riding the choppy rhythmic patterns of Richy’s production, such a display of moving hip-hop can change your perspective on foreign artists in for life.

With a few tracks left on this EP (“The Time Is Right” by Asheru of Unspoken Heard and a ‘(Mother Chunker Remix)’ remix), you would figure something lackluster along the way has to spoil the flow of the record. Contrary to placing this release amongst the majority out there whom time and time again put out disappointing music, Richy Pitch is a producer who obviously has done his ‘homework’. He has studied his craft over many long studio hours on Live At Home, and definitely deserves to be amongst the class of other stellar producers such as DJ Spinna, Pete Rock, Large Professor, Jay Dee and the rest of the soul children crew.


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