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Thirstin Howl III is nothing short of a the new-school rap entity. Dipped in the finest Polo a man can steal he won his early accolades within the early Lyricist Lounge days garnering attention across the board from his flailing tongue and wit. The mid to late 90′s found Howl atop numerous 12″s, label to label, dropping his fables of Lo’ missions gone awry, the advantages of living at home with moms and most recently the escapades of an Alaskan fisherman. Three CD-R compilation type albums (Skillionare, Serial Skiller, and Skillosopher) float across the 5 boroughs and our beloved internet, but never has one legitimate release compiled his greatest recordings together until now, this being, Skilligan’s Island. Classical Thirstin Howl, this time remastered, properly packaged with a barcode and all that good shit. Fans will appreciate having the 12″ gems collected on one disc and newjacks will undoubtedly catch the heat after tasting selections of his more refined efforts. “The Polorican”, “I Still Live With My Moms”, “Dreams Of Fucking A Cartoon Bitch”, “Brooklyn Hard Rock ( Pt 2 )”: brick-solid creations from the Brooklynite. After reviewing all these wildly various songs Howl comes across as a bizzaro Professor X that’s brutally thugish and able to drop one-liners quicker than Slick Rick can flip his patch.

Musically, since this release spans so much collected works, the comparatives of Howl atop various producer’s creations (as well as his own) makes for additional entertainment. From longtime collaborator Will Tell to Steve Boston arise cuts like the very roughish “Brooklyn Hard Rock” Pt’s 1 & 2″ and “I Wanna Watch”. When Eminem still did songs over DJ Spinna beats, the two collaborated at the Thingamajig Lab to create “Watch Deez”, a spaced-the-fuck-out Spinna ambience makes for even better trip. One-half of Blahzay Blahzay, producer/DJ P.F. Cuttin and Howl arguably commit this full length’s better crafted works, “Polorican” and “Dreams Of Fucking A Cartoon Bitch”. The Lo Life influence envelops his intensive ode to the ‘lo – as does his grossly affectionate nature to theoretically housing fly female cartoon characters on the latter. But over Cuttin’s hard (as in Large Professor’s remix of “Gotta Get Over”) beats, Howl’s hilariously genius writing skill reaches its pinnacle. We’re left with the closer, “The Alaskan Fisherman”, a direction no one could of foretold. Arctic Thugs. Thirstin Howl III a writer never to be forgotten. – Peter Agoston

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