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12 October, 2002@12:00 am

      After dropping an arguably classic debut, L.A.’s six-man quintet, Jurassic 5, returns to the scene with their second full-length release, Power In Numbers. Expanding on the blueprint laid out on Quality Control, Charli 2na, Mark 7, Zaakir, and Akil, line up again, delivering another 17 tracks of throwback styles, over Cut Chemist and DJ Nu-Mark’s experimental, yet accessible sample mosaics.

  J5′s Power In Numbers has many of the same types of easy party starters found on Quality Control, easily pleasing their loyal fanbase. Each “After School Special”, “If You Only Knew”, “High Fidelity”, and the stellar first single “What’s Golden” (with all respect paid to Chuck & Flav), contain the classic elements of their debut. Although this time around they do attempt at diversifying their sound a bit, and even incorporate some different concepts, including a few uncharacteristic collaborations.

    Most shocking is their collaboration with pop-diva Nelly Furtado, “Thin Line”, a well-structured “friends-or-lovers” track which works suprisingly well. Big Daddy Kane and Percee-P represent lovely on “A Day At The Races”, which disguises itself as something recorded in the late 80′s, while The Beatnuts join J5 for the abrasive “One Of Them”. On the conceptual tip, “Remember His Name” is a cool Death metaphor, yet the smoothed out “Hey” is reminiscent of when The Pharcyde put on the white suits for Labcabincalifornia.   

      While Jurassic 5 doesn’t get props with the NY-scenesters who jock Murder Inc. or 50 Cent or whoever the flavor-of-the-month is, they must have some kind of relevant fanbase or talent if Jimmy Interscope put his faith into them, and this album is further proof of their consistancy. While everyone else is studying Jay-Z’s blueprint, who can blame them for holdin’ on to what’s golden?

  Mixtape D.L.
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