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12 November, 2002@12:00 am

 Baring the Wu-Tang Clan insignia is a double edged sword. On one hand, there’s such a core following of The Wu that those affiliated are guaranteed to have an audience. On the other, heads expect nothing but the best of those who dare to claim to be brethren of The Clan from Shaolin Land.  Sunz Of Man embrace the challenge and do better than most would of thought.  With their latest effort, Saviorz Day, SOM look to follow in their fam’s footsteps.
 The album starts off with the uninspiring “S.O.M.”, a feeble attempt to make an anthem out of their name.  Sunz of Man continue to miss with sleepy tracks like “Ghettio” and the RZA featured  “Banksta’z”.

 SOM quickly recover on the soulful “Savior’z Day”, possibly the highlight of the album, with Ghostface Killah stealing the show with lines like, “The proper knowledge is needed/Wit’ Satan off my back, I’m at peace at night/No more cops, no more Rodney King’s/No more peekin’ out the curtain wit’ the rifle by any means.”

 The playful “Black or White”, is a string tinged joint featuring Ancient Coins, is a verbal intercourse of sorts on the racial affairs of the world.  Sunz of Man score again on the apocalyptic cut, “The Trinity”.  Filled with heart pounding production, Omar Conry is heard perfectly wailing in the background. Although RZA is hands off on this song, fans will hear the Wu Tang sound. 

 Sunz of Man follow up for the lost females in the world on “Honey Tree”.  It is a testament that less is more in the production realm. A simple break beat gives Hell Razah the opportunity to build, “She was only 15/but looked much older when she in jeans/Loved to go downtown malls and spend CREAM/Wakin’ up late, cold sweats and wet dreams/Over sex, she barely got raped by 18/Already had two abortions and blamed the X/When the doc said it might be a cause of death/Then she popped positive on the pregnancy test/That’s the cause and effects when there’s no latex.”

 However, the remainder of Saviorz Day is not without errors.  The rest of the album is loaded with fillers such as “Time”, along with skits like “Industry” and “The Cause”.  Fortunately for SOM La The Darkman breaks up the monotony on “All We Got (Us)”. La spits venom over a bubbly, bluesy track with an annoying hook.

 Saviorz Day is too good to be a brick, but is too long to be exceptional. While
it is a strong piece of work, Sunz of Man should consider some help from The Abbot in the future.

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