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24 February, 2003@12:00 am

TUESDAY – It was decided by music critics, fans, artists, and various industry folk alike, that the current state of songs about the “current state of hip-hop” is pretty shitty.

“Yeah I wasn’t feeling that “We Are Hip-Hop” shit by KRS-One. Kris was good, but the beat and the hook were bland. Nah man, not at all.” said Noah Callahan-Bever of XXL Magazine.

“For the most part, I have felt that artists like Common and The Roots have recognized the problems that hip-hop has faced in the past with tracks like ‘I Used To Love Her’ and ‘Act Too’,” said Bay Area scribe Oliver Wang, “However the newer generation I’m just not feeling. It’s all been said before, and been said better by those 10 years ago.”

“Fuck hip-hop was like the shittiest beat on the RJD2 album,” said RJD2 “Current state of these types of songs? Definitely shitty,” he added.

“Yeah I bought that new 12-inch from Morphius The Smart One because I liked his last joint where he rapped backwards and made it rhyme in a circle, but that new song “Don’t Save The Whales, Save The Boom Bap” was kinda dull,” said one fan. “Like I agreed with what he was saying, but it just wasn’t all that good of a record.”

“You know, I actually think I don’t like the new record from Coffee House Poetics because I am actually starting to like hip-hop again. Yeah, it’s bigger than ever, but the difference between commercial rap of the 90′s and commercial rap of the 00′s is that today’s stuff is actually good, polished as it may be. Just five years ago, people like Mase could get away with a record deal, now we have supreme lyricists like Nas, Eminem, and Jay-Z, ruling the charts. Is it wrong to like it because it’s popular?”, said another fan.

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