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24 February, 2003@12:00 am

Mobb Deep affiliate, Littles, has been on the grind for a while. Through the good and bad life has brought him, he has maintained focus and kept his head up. He lets you know “I’m too smart to be a dreamer, I’m a mothafuckin achiever” on the intro, setting the tone for an album full of realistic rhymes and drama-filled street tales.

While “New York, New York” shows love to his home base. You quickly realize that the “war going on outside” that Mobb spoke about has Littles lacing up his boots tight as a soldier. “Ghetto Starzz” pairs him with Big Noyd as they inform you of their gritty come-up, “from the bottomless pits we rose, out the ghetto of stars, we went from hoopties off the block to them luxury cars.” “You And Me” should be used as inspiration for hard knocks, as Littles professes his dedication to rhyming and thanks it for being what’s kept him on the right track. The Sha “Money XL” Self produced, “New Day” is another introspective story as he gives you a vivid look at how he switched his life from crack to rap. Mobb Deep joins their associate on “Thunny” and “Niggah”, both crime sagas overflow with menacing threats and deadly promises. Havoc (Of Mobb Deep) says it all with the line “the drama’s brewing, be a miracle for you to win, my team ain’t losing.” The bonus track “Pain And Glory” winds down the project, discussing his incarceration, distrust for others, loss of family and yet still knowing that he must strive on. He has decided to switch the players, but the game is ongoing and Littles knows the hustle. Flashback to the previously mentioned intro line and you will realize he’s not here for talking – he’s here to take over.

The current hip-hop game is being flooded with cats claiming they rep the streets, Littles takes it beyond that – Littles is the streets. More than empty bragging of being the best, when he speaks you feel it. The Feeding gives you a personal tour of his heart, his block, his life.  

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