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Storm The Unpredictable and his Plexus crew has been popping up on people’s radars for a while now. Holding it down for the home bases of D.C. and Oxon Hill (MD), they have built a rep for rocking shows and delivering positive uplifting messages. After a couple 12″s and regional success, Storm’s debut, Amalgamation, is brought forth to give the world an alternative to the pollution they are constantly force fed.

“Get Your Weight Up” has Storm appreciating women with appetites. Over Kokayi’s track, with an infectious bluesy guitar lick, he lets loose the big girl anthem – “hon, get your weight up, shorty get your weight up, you wanna get with Storm then you should have ate your plate up, (say what), I want a shorty I can hold, not somebody I can press and fold..” He teams up with Supafriendz’ Danja Mowf, Lonnie B., and his own crew member Priest Da Nomad on “Suplex.” Danja handles the up-tempo production and adds a go-go feel to it, while the four blast the mic back and forth dropping punch lines and braggadocio rhymes like only they can. “Darker The Berry” is another attempt to uplift. Storm gives you a personal look into the pain and ridicule he felt and how when he had the chance to inflict the same, he rose above it and chose to educate others on equality. “Stop Lyin” is a fun track, where Storm and Priest combine again and go overboard on bragging and big willie claims. Whether being gawked at by Jennifer Lopez, owning countries, wrestling alligators or buying Infiniti jets, the duo makes you laugh while thinking about how many times you’ve probably heard other rappers or kids on your block swear they’ve done the same things.

Calling Amalgamation a breath of fresh air would be an understatement. Storm and his crew are not following the current trends of gun toting or bottle popping. They realize that if words are weapons, they are going to attack the negativity in today’s society and actually aim to make a difference. That is a pretty big task to take on and while some people would rather stay in the club or holla forever, the Plexus fam thinks outside the box and sets a real blueprint for the future.    

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