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10 October, 2003@12:00 am

Question #1 Why, after all these years, does Das Efx feel the need to come back to hip hop and make their presence felt? Does Das remember the magic they created a decade ago with their smash hits “They Want Efx!?!?” & “Mic Checka”? If so, after all these years and in between, why now do they take another approach to the mic with How We Do? Maybe so Das can prove that they are a part of the hip-hop heiarchy? Maybe they want to show all these new jacks who Das Efx is? Or maybe they just are bored. All these questions are answered and new ones are raised with their latest effort, How We Do.

Question #2 Who are these guys and what the hell did they do with Das Efx!?!? How We Do turns into a tirade of one rap cliché ¡fter another, and the only thing proving their legitmacy that they are indeed Das Efx, is that trademark “iggidy” at the end of their words at an annoying rate. “Memories” includes a lazy Sean Paul hook meshed with a sped up vocal sample which is agonizing to listen to as the two emcees try to bring back their past with little to no effect. Meanwhile, “Diggy Das” not only has a wack title but comes off just awful with a ridiculous reworking of Billy Joel’s “The Longest Time”. The production is god-awful as well. “BSAP” tries to re-create the keyboard resonance that Swizz Beatz made popular some four years ago, with little success, and the ill fated “Dro & Henny” sounds like it came out of your bedroom as Das spill their guts about one of the more original items in hip hop… smokin’ and drinkin’ (imagine that). From the lame production to even lamer content, to the lamest titles ever (“Bouncin’ in Da Club”, “Let’s Get Money” and “G Music”, to name a few) Das suggests that the only thing they accomplish is embarrassing themselves for all to listen to.

Question #3 Why should you buy it (or burn it)? For laughs perhaps..? Das Efx just aren’t the same cats who came out of the sewers almost a decade ago. Their styles are now far from original and come off as something poor that you’ve heard before. Not only do they lack originality that blew heads away with their debut, Dead Serious, but they have succumbed to the irritating environment of gangsterism, clubbin’, and shit-talking that is done well by only a select few. With a shameful return to the rap game, the only thing Das provides for those who waste their hard earned money on this CD is nothing but maybe a brand new mirror. Be thankful though… its only 12 tracks in length.   

  Mixtape D.L.
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