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22 October, 2003@12:00 am

     On “The Message”, Tragedy Khadafi delivers a blanket statement: “We plagued with media propaganda.” He appears to have taken the saying “rap is black America’s CNN” quite literally.  However, staying true to his conspiracy theories and anti-establishment ethos, the former Intelligent Hoodlum is less beat reporter and more hood documentarian.

With Still Reportin’…, the Queensbridge legend breaks no new ground, but delivers stark narratives and his own political agenda. Snippets of Black Panther speeches pepper the album, and a proclamation that “this is for Brother Malcolm and Brother Martin” remain relevant throughout the effort.

The previously released “Walk Wit Me (911)” plays to his sorrowful feelings on the state of the world. “And the media wonder why I write such anger/ Imagine life as a lost soul/Cold, no guidance… And me no love Bush/Despise bin Laden/Its like I’m caught in the middle between two fascists,” he raps. In addition, the title track addresses the state of harsh urban living with which he is all too familiar.

Tragedy also manages to prove he is a rapper who wears his heart on his sleeve. “Hood Love” is a dedication to the woman who is the “female version of me,” and “The Message” is an admission of his weakness to promiscuity in his younger years. In addition, the heartfelt “Crying on the Inside” is a dedication to his only parent – his deceased mother.

However, despite the aforementioned positives, Still Reportin’… the LP’s production is a bit thin in places and the contributions by his Queensbridge brethren Capone, Littles, and Havoc are all from previously released material.

Ultimately, Still Reportin’… is a dependable album. Requisite narratives, dedications to the hood and hard-edged love songs characterize the album and its a solid addition to anyone’s QB collection.

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