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28 October, 2003@12:00 am

    Kool Keith’s back again, and this time around he isn’t Dr. Octogon, Dr. Dooom or Keith Matthew, but he is the Kool Keith you have all come to know, and maybe love too.  He still has the lyrics that cannot be compared to those of any other MC, clowning rappers and females, talking about animals and threatening to defacate on you in at least every third verse.  That’s what the fuck we talking about!

     Take for example some of his lyrics as no description does them justice:

     On the subject of his showmanship: “With 8 bodies I can perform in Dallas and L.A. and New York and Miami and Texas and Denver and 3 more cities at the same time; Simultaneously synched up with the same rhyme…”

     About how rich he is: “I got 7 million Bentleys, 2,000 Range Rovers, 8 Jaguars designed up, 600,000,000 ladies lined up…” or “22 Porches in front of 7 gas stations I own; Give every girl in New York a
cellular phone.”

     These lines are clearly leveled at the bragging MC.  The same type of MC that Kool Keith always insults with deeply offensive accusations of wearing ladies panties and the like.  He has unconventional insults for the pretentious MC’s as well: “There’s a million albums out there with that Opera and Shakespeare shit, I stuff my ears with cotton when you rap!” or possibly “Cant flow, average, smaverage, rabbit food, vegetable, particle, final cabbage; You got the nerve to rap like you live in Paris…” or even “You know you in child care, you better stay there, Your crew get picked up with shitty diapers from day care…”

    And of course, there’s the old habit of making strange claims and rapping about poop that we have all come to know and love: “Look down on the city with binoculars, piss out of choppers, defacate 80,000 feet in the air…” or “Your girl defacate my diamonds out with prunes, and mushrooms…you know the rules, from MC Hammer down to Lil’ Romeo, out of 2,000,000 rapers you pick a name and lose, I penetrate news, my tomahawk missiles piss on crews.”

    So you can quickly see that this record is a buy for the Kool Keith fan and underwhelming if you do not care for his style.  He does not try to be like anybody else and the rhymes will either have you smiling or confused so for the originality alone I’d say check it out.  Must hear songs include “Baby Baby”, “New York City”, “Girl You Know”, “Trying To Talk To You”, and “Same
Sound.”  Overall I’d give the album 3 stars and a half out of 5.  Plus or minus a half depending on whether you are a fan of the man with so many names.  He may be just plain Kool Keith this time but his style still has multiple personalities and for this fan, the album is a keeper.

  Mixtape D.L.
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