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3 December, 2003@12:00 am
HHS: First off, congratulations on the new record. Where did y’all record it?

H&M- Exclusively at The Mutha Fu#$in Spot on Lexington.

HHS: How do Eon & Mighty Mi vibe in the studio? What is the writing and recording process like for High & Mighty?

Mighty Mi- Erik writes the songs to Zhigge instrumentals and Milo makes beats to Rough House Survivor accapellas ……then it just kinda comes together.

Mr. Eon-  Milo was throwing some ill beats at me and I wrote to them straight up. I just tried to write an LP that I would like to hear cause no one else is really doing it for me these days listening wise.

HHS: Listening to the album, there are a lot of tracks that stand out. “Fast Food Nation” takes aim at McDonalds and it is a pretty thorough diatribe against their food, their entire corporation and their impact on our culture and society. It’s kind of a departure for you guys. Where did that song come from? What prompted you to go after McDonalds?

Mighty Mi – After being a diehard McDonalds eater, Eon read the book Fastfood Nation (which chronicles everything he talks about on the song), and never touched the stuff again. He has been known to scarf down a McDonalds apple pie though on occasion.

Mr. Eon- the “Fast Food Nation” shit is something that really affected me.  If anyone reads that book they won’t be eating all that shit as much.

HHS: With “Take It Off” you address those who have been quick to jump on the throwback jersey bandwagon. How did you come to write that one? Is it directed at anyone in particular?

Mighty Mi- The throwback jersey craze has become completely out of hand in NY. You go outside of a club and 80% of the cats are wearing them and not knowing what player they’re even repping. High & Mighty being the avid sports fans we are, find that kinda wack. Like cats be rockin the Steve Atwater jersey cause it matches there blue/orange outfit, but not knowing how ill of a safety he was and how devastating of a hitter he was.

Mr. Eon- “Take It Off” is so important.  It is just a microcosm of cultural trendiness.  I mean Von Dutch????  Come on man when you wear some shit that’s trendy you’re a herb.  I wore jerseys in ’85 when Mitchell & Ness was still a skate shop.  No one in NY should be wearing an Iverson jersey.  Can you imagine any Philly head wearing a Larry Bird jersey in Philly in 1984?  That kid woulda got beat down.  And remember in Do the Right Thing when white dude had the Bird jersey?  Now you got black kids who never woulda worn no white dudes’ jersey rockin some Steve Nash shit.  You all look ridiculous if you don’t know where that shit came from.  The history is what makes them special.  Just like hip hop, there’s no meaning no more!

HHS: Who’s the greatest athlete of all time?

Mighty Mi – Bo Jackson.

Mr. Eon- Babe Ruth.  He was the best pitcher in baseball then became the best hitter of all time.  That will never happen again.  People think he was all fat and all but basically he invented the home run.

HHS: What’s you favorite throwback?

Mighty Mi- My 1991 Jerome Brown Eagles Jersey.

HHS: How did y’all get down with Micheal Rappaport?

Mighty Mi- Through a mutual friend that was working on a short film he was producing. I ended up scoring it and we remained cool. Since he was the one that brought Wiggerism to the big screen (Zebrahead), we thought he would add a street element to the album (laughter).

HHS: Your first album, Home Field Advantage, had some pretty high-profile guest appearances on it. This record seems to have more of a “family” vibe, with cats like Cage and Copywrite showing up on some of the tracks. Did you think about reaching out for some more “big names” this time, or did you go into the project intent on keepingthe guest spots to a minimum?

Mighty Mi- Half and half. I mean some people criticized us for having too many guests on Home Field Advantage, so we were kinda conscious of that. We also felt that the emcees on E.C. can hold there own against most of the cats out there. So its like why go out there and pay a good amount of money for a rapper whose verse you may not even feel, when you have a Tame One or a Cage that you can sit and build with.

Mr. Eon- We have to pay 100% too EC.  We can only get so far with one group (H&M) so we need to have our boys shit poppin correctly.  Cage, Copywrite and Tame are so ill.  They are really the only artists in the world besides Ghostface and GZA that I’m hearing right now.

HHS: You hooked up with Rahzel to bring back the classic “Rock the House.” Who did y’all admire growing up; what did you listen to? What’s the first record you ever bought?

Mighty Mi – That song was definitely inspired by growing up in Philly and admiring groups like Jazzy Jeff, Cash Money and Marv, 3xDope, Steady B, Nikki Rap & Scratch, The Singing MC Breeze, Jewel T & Dollar Bill ,etc….My pops is a jazz author so I was definitely raised on that, but personally I was strictly hip hop. The greatest record I ever bought was prolly Criminal Minded, although I’ve also become a huge appreciator of (LL’s) Bigger & Deffer recently.

Mr. Eon – The Rahzel jawn was easy because I practically know the original by heart.  The only shaky part of that was my singing at the end, but it was fun.

HHS: How do you balance an artistic career along with running Eastern Conference? How does one influence the other?

Mighty Mi- Well in the beginning we started EC solely as a way to put out The High & Mighty, but as time went on it obviously expanded. Nowadays, I would say we put a lot more time into EC instead of High & Mighty.

HHS: What can we expect out of High & Mighty, as well as EC, in the future?

Mighty Mi- Next year on EC we have Yak Ballz LP, EC All Stars IV, Copywrite LP, Weathermen LP, and another High & Mighty EP/DVD.

HHS: Any Last words?

Mighty Mi: Look out for the High & Mighty on tour 11-12-03/12-12-03 with Cage, Rasco, Akrobatik and Swollen Members.

Mr. Eon- Hiphop sucks!  Its either emotional bullshit listened to by kids who don’t like hip-hop or the masses, which have totally been brainwashed with this generic shit.  I mean does anyone understand that this music is now just saturated shit?  For an old head like me it’s sad.  To see what everybody was fighting for in the late 80′s gone to hell.  Go ask KRS-1 guarantee he agrees with me and we’ve never met!

  Mixtape D.L.
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