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16 December, 2003@12:00 am

     If you stay up in the wee hours of the night, or still have energy to be awake after you get back from the club, on BET’s slate of raunchy, nocturnal music videos, you’ll know that Mighty Casey is the sole controller of this time slot. With his “White Girls” video in constant rotation in the early hours of the morning, this MC boldly steps into a topic that will blacklist him of sisters giving him the time of day for the rest of his career. Although he doesn’t bash, scorn or denounce sisters in the process, his “White Girls” answer to Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five’s “White Lines” glorifies the European breed he’s so humorously seeking. And you know he’s had more than just a one-time experience for the sake of some ripe jungle fever. This emcee’s an expert, rushing out hilarious lyrics for you to poke fun at while he raps in the same hook-pattern and melody as the 1983 classic:

     “White Girls, blowing through my mind/ White Girls, help me unwind – Don’t tell Mr. Farrakhan, he don’t wanna know what’s going on, / cause White Girls, won’t go away!”

     Throughout the nine-track EP, his comedic, story-telling skills take flight dominating this adolescent party vibe. Surprisingly, the lightweight beats somehow still lure you to dive in for more, like a reggae-influenced, hip-hop fusion in the same vein as Styles of Beyond’s “Mr. Brown.” Casey gives his version of the Hollywood Shuffle on “Black Rapping School”, a playful guide to aspiring rappers entering an industry already filled with too much of the same stereotypical, crack-selling, ghetto kingpin wanna-be’s. Here, he comes across as very conscious, but he’s actually far from that. Laced with silly, dorm-room wrecking tracks such as “Saturday Night” and “Liquorland” (Parts 1 and 2), this is the type of CD to pop in just before heading out with a testosterone crew of wild children, making it ideal to sip on some brew and just act a fool. Mighty Casey is the ring leader, somewhat like a class clown, which is pretty ironic, seeing that he’s a school-teacher by his day profession.

     As corny as this EP is, not to mention beats that most emcees would pass over, it’s Mighty Casey’s lyrical direction, that is, touching on topics that most emcees stem away from, that actually makes this EP worth lisening to. It’s his silly and extreme sense of humor put on wax, one that can be stored and specifically played just for laughs. Gone are the days of acts like Beastie Boys, when being goofy on a record was actually allowed to be entertaining. but this is what Mighty Casey brings back. An undisciplined and wayward approach to reaching inevitable chaos, with a sense of humor.

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