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30 March, 2004@4:32 am

  Cassidy is known for his battle, mix tape and spotlight-stealing guest appearances, but the question people have been wondering is can the Philly native put together a solid album?  Show and prove time has arrived for the first act from Swizz Beatz’ label, in the form of Split Personality.

     “Hotel,” featuring R. Kelly, has been burning up radio, clubs and everywhere else, only getting stronger and increasing the buzz as times goes on. Infectious R.Kelly hook and Spanish guitar laced beat, features a lighter side from Cassidy as he spits for the ladies. There’s a “Hotel (Remix)” which would be just as good, minus the awful verse from Trina. “Lipstick” is a Jazze Pha produced track that has the potential to crossover as well, the problem with “Lipstick,” “Hotel,” “Make U Scream (with Snoop Dogg) and basically the first half of the album is the songs seem too forced into being hits. The formulaic guest appearances make the tracks and could have anyone in Cassidy’s spot and they would have almost the same result. They could all turn into hits, but they do not give much room for Cassidy to establish himself or his style.

      It’s a shame too, because when Cassidy gets let loose, he is a vicious and clever emcee who will relentlessly attack. He seems more at ease and natural when he’s allowed to get his hands dirty. Case in point, “Pop That Cannon” featuring Styles of the Lox is one of the grittiest street bangers made in recent years, complete with Swizz’ “it’s whatever mothafuckas, I ain’t scared” chant. “Blood Pressure” is another boiling point, as he intensively delivers rhymes “it’s Cassidy who thorough as him, nobody, I keep a gun tucked cause I don’t trust nobody, I got plenty biscuits and yall niggas like skinny bitches, yall aint got no bodies.” It’s his “Can I Talk to You” collaboration with Jadakiss that will raise the most eyebrows and have heads talking. He makes it known he “lifts guns for the exercise and sprays like insecticide” and if you don’t take that serious he’ll “peel your brains out, then feed it to your seed like baby food.” It’s been said “the kid is a problem,” and it is songs and lines like that that let you know it is the truth.

      The only track that should have been left off would be the intro. “My Interpretation” is full of lines ending with the basic ?tion rhymes, which grow annoying quick and almost sound like a throw away track Canibus would have done. Other than that, it is a well-rounded debut and hopefully the next time will have more opportunities for Cass to shine on his own. He’s a Philly soldier with star-quality, he does not need all the extra appearances and proven-hit collaborations that other artists rely on to get by in this industry. 

  Mixtape D.L.
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