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30 March, 2004@12:00 am

     As the lyrics from the title-track of the Visionaries’ new album, Pangaea, imply, this six-man crew out of Cali began like a supercontinent–just like the Earth did before it drifted as separate continents that shifted. Key Kool illustrates the metaphor best when he raps, “We’re not all alike but fall right into place.” And after the crew spent a good amount of time growing while working on solo projects since their last album (Sophomore Jinx), the Visionaries return again as one, stronger than ever. 

     Unlike many lengthy albums released these days, Pangaea won’t leave you itching to hit the skip button. Nearly every track bangs, And nearly every track emits plenty of positive vibes thanks to the likes of MCs LMNO, 2Mex, Key Kool, Zen, and Dannu and DJ/producer DJ Rhettmatic. From the get-go, the Life Rexall produced title track, “Pangaea”, sets the standard and the Visionaries keep up the quality control track after track. The simple but blazing, guitar laced “Believe It” will get heads nodding quickly while the Visionaries’ lyrical acrobatic act,”6 Ring Circus”, will have listeners gathering round to witness their “brand new sound.” Evidence of the Dilated Peoples keeps things moving with his banging production on “Momentum”; meanwhile LMNO declares that the “positive momentum can’t stop now.” No doubt.       

     On the more serious side of things are “Nine Eleven”, the Visionaries direct response to one of our nation’s greatest tragedies and “Starchaser,” which examines being an MC and what it’s actually like having to deal with groupies. While each of these cuts is undeniably focused on the lyrical side of things, the production is suiting, but not striking. The Visionaries’ overall sound has always rocked the hardest on the more freestyle-type of tracks like “Momentum”.  And all throughout the album there are plenty of them to keep the energy flowing on the Visionaries’ third full-length release.

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