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20 July, 2004@12:00 am

   Just six cuts – all instrumentals – set off DJ Spinna’s Compositions 2 into an outbound journey for a hopefully great summer venture. The ears of soul’s sophisticated hip hop lovers more interested in who’s behind the boards, than who’s behind the mic, are the welcomed bunch. In this case, the mic stand is definitely very lonely, and the only verb or nouns uttered are from the snippet samples or titles of the six tracks, personifying the vision producer DJ Spinna envisioned while creating them.

     Quite strategically placed as the opener, Spinna’s “Sunshine” isn’t encouraging you to wake up off the bed, or urging you into a promising CD of gorgeous weather. Instead, the monotonous vocal and guitar loops of gloomy weather make you twist and turn in bed, skipping to the second part of the ‘morning’. DJ Spinna, one of the wickedest selectors worldwide, able to rock any type of hip hop, soul or funk, pop AKA Michael vs. Prince party, didn’t have me worried though – there must be something addictive here. And after hitting a natural snooze with the second track, “Platinum”, a Rhodes keyboard onslaught painting a lovely lullaby, it’s really “Verbz” that immediately sounds the alarm loudly, knocking you right off the bed’s edge! It’s awakening hip hop energy is undeniable, as a quintessential East Coast-toned beat, jazzy horns reverb and lightly cinematic feel is enough to put any emcee in a nice zone to spit fiery lyrics – for female fun or for serious battle.

     Your day has now begun, so rise and shine with your rhythmic stride, strutting with confidence as you walk out the door. God’s grace is at work, the vessel being DJ Spinna’s other two gems named “Dayz” and “Starz”, both doctor-feel-good, bouncy tracks that overflow with a universal soul appeal felt in the Far East, or right here maybe in the deep south of the USA. And from the aura of the latter softer track, the EP’s most seductive and sensitive, you won’t be returning home alone because this Chocolate Martini is the perfect lure for company.

  Mixtape D.L.
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