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     Before Young Buck copped his deal and before 50 Cent blew up; Buc Fifty was toiling in the competitive underground fighting to either get heard or die trying.  Now with his second release on Battle Axe records, Buc has been given another chance to scream at the world with a new LP entitled Serve the Devil, Praise the Lord.

     Not one to cater to the feint of heart, Buc starts the album on a rather  grave note with “Live No More,” and continues that theme throughout
challenging even the most optimistic point of view.  With the continuous string plucks backing the sounds of deep humming akin to monks in a
monastery, Buc rhymes “I don’t know what I’m here for/serve the devil, praise the lord/one thing I know that’s for sure/I don’t wanna live no

    Receiving the majority of the production credits on the LP, producer Jay Swift provides numerous backdrops for Buc to vent his evil thoughts on. 
When the timely drums and relaxing melody for “Oh Christ” come on, Buc runs through his life stages and details his sins.  Asking for forgiveness Buc
pleads “I swear on my life I won’t do it again.”  Then on the laid back funky baseline to “Feeling,” Buc gives a glimpse into his day-to-day and  addresses a homie who stabbed him in his back, his significant other and those who hate on’em.

    Though Fifty is able to catch the listener with his distinct voice, macabre look on life and ability to produce complete songs, his flow rarely changes
and his lyrics fail to catch the ear because of the lack of inflection in his voice.  Most definitely not forcing anything, a light-hearted party joint might have helped the tone of the LP as well as give it a more rounded feel.  You have to give credit where credit is due though.  In the smaller scale rap world (smaller budgeted) the possibility of grabbing a Neptunes banger is non-existent.  Therefore the artist must work from the ground up and survive on homegrown talent alone.  Buc Fifty has done this well and proven to the world that you don’t have to stunt to be heard.

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