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7 November, 2004@12:00 am

     All Declaime has ever wanted was peace in the world. As time has passed, it has become evident that Declaime is a completely different breed of emcee. One who never really talks about himself, one who is lighthearted in style, but serious in his ways.  While running the underground circuit next to the collective known as the Lootpack, Declaime has carved a niche for himself. With his quirky off beat style he has managed to stick out like a sore thumb amongst his Stones Throw brethren. With his third release, now residing back in Las Vegas, Declaime has put his best foot forward with the
release of Conversations With Dudley.

     Conversations with Dudley is easily Declaime’s most introspective piece of work. What makes Declaime special, is his ability to not fight the production on the track. Rather simply vocalize his thoughts while sounding comfortable behind the beat. It’s as if he is purposely subdued by the elements around him and places them in between every bar of every song. He is at his best when he spends his time delivering narratives, such as on “Neverending”, as Declaime speaks to parents who lose touch with parenting. Right off the jump Declaime says “It seems that some of you parents ain’t taking care of your seeds, they didn’t ask to come here, you brought em” setting the tone of his tale. The one joint that absolutely cannot be denied is “Dearest Desiree” where Declaime bleeds every inch of his soul onto the beautiful soundscape laid by Oh No. It is as if there is nothing in the world more important then Declaime putting a letter in music form to the daughter he loves and misses. As he explains his position one can empathize with the sentiments laid on this song. Every child of a broken home, every single parent, every parent away from their child should allow themselves to be touched by this song.

     Declaime may have one of the best ears in underground music when it comes to his production. With Oh No handling the majority of the beats, this may be the most sound effort production wise. “Heavenbound” thumps ridiculously and accompanies Declaime perfectly, allowing him to verbalize his outlook. “Conversations” features M.E.D. and Declaime trading ideals and philosophies over another banger. Oh No’s big bro, Madlib, chimes in with the ridiculous “Signs” featuring Wildchild wyling out all over the track. “Song in D Minor” is another song that finds Dudley and Declaime projecting themselves in a fashion that only the two personalities can. “Shine Time” floats along with it’s melodic harmony as Declaime attempts to convince the world to lighten up amongst the last days.

     With his third album, Dudley Perkins proves that he is going to be around for awhile. While not only making an impact with his words, his production is something else to behold and may make a star out of Oh No. Introspective, lighthearted but not without purpose, Declaime is an emcee who will continue to standout with his contributions to hip hop. It’s hard to find something sour in the heart of an emcee who strives for peace. With Conversations With Dudley, Declaime shows that hopefully in a world filled with violence and anger, peace will prevail.

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