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18 January, 2005@12:00 am

Let’s give the readers a little background on Triple Seis, where your from how long you been in the game and what not

Well, the name came from being a The Beast, when I do my thing I am a beast.  The name was given by Pun actually.  It came from Nero Caesar; he was a monster killing people, like the devil.  The Triple Six wasn’t actually the devils number.  My name before Seis was Joka Jams then Pun gave me the Triple and I already had the Seis.

How long you been rhyming and who put you in the game?

I have been rhyming now for like 12-15 years, my brother (Danny) put me up on the game he was a dj when I was a kid.  He was a dj with Grand Master Flash and all the block parties in the hood.  The first records I was on this kid song Jayo but I can’t remember the name, so I would have to say Glamour Life with Pun.

I know you were with the Terror Squad at one time, how did that come about?

Once Pun joined Terror Squad it was a package deal with Cuban and me.   First we were on Pun’s album, and then on Don Cartegena, and then the Terror Squad album, it was like a ladder, a short ladder, but a ladder none the less.

How did Big Pun’s passing affect you?

It affected my way of thinking, when he was alive I had a sense of security around him.  As far as the music goes I had to think about me and my future.  Because on the mainstream level Pun kept us alive and when he died and I knew a lot of things would not go in my favor, so I knew that I had to generate a new way of thinking.

I noticed on the new LP, Cuban Linx is on there, knowing about his much publicized beef with Fat Joe are you and TS cool or no?

I don’t’ hang out with none of them, if I run into Prospect on the street there won’t be any drama, but they and I know that we are on different teams right now.   I got mad love for Remy.  I not going to say anything negative about Joe, I would say I’m a little disappointed.  I hope for the success of Joe and all the artists get a chance to shine.

Let’s talk about the LP, would you say this is your best?

No the album was done a year ago; if I had a chance to touch it up I would, but I can’t and it is coming out.  But, I’m currently working on a mixtape.  It’s not really a personal mixtape, it’s a collabo.  Different labels are giving me exclusives and ish.  Tony Touch is going host it and it will give some new artists a chance to get some shine.

Who is going to be on it?

It all depends, I really can’t call it, but I’m going to have a lot of exclusives.  Corleon, Debut, Federal Note, and this 15 year girl from Brooklyn, she is no joke she is the next superstar, plus another kid name of K.I. from the Bronx.  Other artists from my neighborhood that I feel have talent, and it is all about the perfect timing.  K.I. been winning the Fight Club battles sponsored by Shady Records, there will be Shady exclusives, Beatnuts exclusives, D Block exclusives, the whole nine.

There is a posthumous track with Big Pun on the album, is that an old verse from something obscure or is that just some secret Triple Seis type exclusive.

Pun did that verse before like he did anything.  Pun ended up using it for “You Ain’t a Killer”, it was for something he was supposed to get done but he never got around to it.  But he kept the rhyme and dropped on “You Ain’t a Killer”.

You planning on bringing out any other Pun joints?

If Cuban can work out a Full-a-Clips (Cuban and Triple Seis) album, we are sure to have some never before heard Pun joints.  Cuban is working on that thru his label, so you’ll have to stay tuned.

Ice-T also makes and appearance how did that come about?

T and I were kicking it together at a party.  I told him that I wanted to do a track together and I told him “man I ain’t got no money” He said that he ain’t doing it for no money, he wrote the rhyme and dropped it right there.  But the beat is what actually did it, I went to T’s house with Pun and Cuban once and he showed us love, so it was personal for him just like it is for us.  It’s all love

What would you say your favorite track on the album is and why?

My favorite track on the album is “Love, Put me on a Corner”.  The song really touched me going thru the situation in my life.  The song “Love” is about a person going thru a situation in his life then he had to make a choice.  He chose to go a certain way, he lost everything his fam, his life and he had to make a lot of sacrifices to get everything back and that is what “Love” means to me.

What is your take on the state of hip-hop and the lack of independent music on mainstream television and radio?

I feel that this music is being secretly controlled by a secret society.  It’s not about how good you are it’s all about who you know and shit.  The guy on the corner that is better than Jay-Z will stay on the corner.  That is why there is so many independent are doing it on their own, they don’t have the millions and millions for the payola to these radio stations.  The reason I went independent is because I had to, because a major wasn’t really trying to sign me at that moment.  I also want to keep the creative control but I would love to be with a major label, they take care of you but, you have to know the business because they will charge you for everything.

Shout Outs?

Big shout out to Cuban Link, MOB Records, look out for Chain Reaction and the album Only Time Will Tell in stores now.

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