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26 January, 2005@12:00 am

     It’s amazing that there has never been a solo release from an artist as talented as Wordsworth. He’s made a name for himself by collaborating with the finest emcees in the underground, not to mention his days freestyling on MTV’s Lyricist Lounge. After almost six years of hype and anticipation, Wordsworth has finally completed his first solo project. Judging by the moments in Mirror Music, this will not be his last one.

     While it is no secret that Wordsworth possesses the freestyling and battling talents that many artists would yearn for, Mirror Music provides a platform for Words to showcase his phenomenal ability to create songs and tell stories. Mirror Music shows Wordsworth maturing from the battle ready freestyle emcee to the complete artist. The ultimate form of maturity comes in the form of “Trust”, which serves as a message to his daughter. What is a self reflective piece of work transforms into how a woman should be treated. This song alone showcases how far Words has come, not only as an emcee, but as a man. “Run” shows another stage in maturity as Words speaks on how one cannot simply run from their problems, but the only way to get away is to confront them face to face. Words continues his incredible narrative efforts with “One Day”, as he recounts a days events so vividly, that the listener actually feels the environment surrounding them. “12 Months” once again allows Wordsworth to narrate the story of Stan and Jerry in a twelve month span. Once again, Words succeeds in piecing together a simple story with resounding results. Despite the new penchant for penning actual songs over freestlyes, Words still pounces the mic with great fury. “Gotta Pay” is an easy testament that Wordsworth isn’t to be messed with lyrically. 

     The only real problem with the album is the fact that it may drag to long for the average listener. 20 songs strong, Mirror Music could probably do without some of the mundane production. Wordsworth tries to make the best of moments like “Don’t Go” and “Not Fair”, but the production just isn’t strong enough. Nonetheless, Mirror Music is a triumphant effort for an emcee with the talent that Wordsworth possesses. It is just satisfying to know that the wait was well worth it.

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